11 Effective Homeopathic Remedies for Hydronephrosis

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Hydronephrosis refers to swelling of the kidney that arises when urine is unable to drain properly from the kidney to the bladder. This results in its build up in the kidney. It mostly occurs in one kidney but may develop in both. Homeopathic remedies for hydronephrosis play a supportive role in managing cases of hydronephrosis and providing symptomatic relief. Hydronephrosis homeopathy

Under normal conditions, urine is formed in the kidneys then it passes down through the ureter into the urinary bladder where it stores until it is voided out of the body through urethra. But in case the urine remains in the kidney, or back flows in the kidney, then there are chances of development of hydronephrosis.


Most times, hydronephrosis can result from any sort of blockage or obstruction in the urinary tract. Blockage mostly in the ureters (I.e. the tubes that connect kidneys to the bladder and drain urine from the kidneys) lead to this condition. This blockage usually arises from kidney stone, but can also arise from scar and blood clot. Due to blockage in the ureter the urine may backflow up in the kidney leading to its swelling. Other reasons  for blockage include a twist or bend in the meeting point of ureter and pelvis of kidney (this junction is known as ureteropelvic junction), an enlarged prostate (BPH – benign prostate hyperplasia) in men that can cause compression and obstruction of the urethra, tumours in pelvis can put pressure on the urinary system and pregnancy that may lead to compression of urethra from growing foetus. Sometimes it can also arise from ureter narrowing due to some injury or an infection.

Next it may occur from vesicoureteral reflux. In this reflux the muscular valve present at the junction of the urethra and bladder does not work correctly. This leads to backward flow of urine into the kidney. Normally urine flows down from kidney to ureter then bladder and urethra. When there occurs a backward flow of urine which is the wrong direction of urine flow then it causes problems with emptying of the kidney resulting in its swelling. Other than these hydronephrosis may also occur from some problem or damage to the nerves around the bladder, and birth defects that cause structural abnormalities of the junctions between kidney, ureter and bladder that hinder normal drainage of urine.

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It may not always cause symptoms. When the symptoms arise they include frequent urination, urgent need to urinate, pain with urination, incomplete voiding, or bladder emptying. Other symptoms include  pain in flank, or back that may radiate to the lower abdomen or groin, nausea and vomiting, fever. In babies usually no symptoms arise. When they arise they include not feeding well, reduced energy levels, irritability, repeated urinary tract infection that may present with only  unexplained fever, abdomen pain, blood in urine, fever.

Hydronephrosis increases the risk of urinary tract infections (UTI). Some of the signs and symptoms of urinary infection includes pain / burning with urination (dysuria), frequent / constant urge to urinate, urgency to pass urine, scanty urine, a weak urine stream, pain in the bladder, cloudy urine, pus / blood in urine,  lower abdominal pain, flank pain, back pain, a fever, chills, nausea, vomiting.

If UTI is not treated well in time then there are chances of development of serious conditions like pyelonephritis (infection of kidney). If the hydronephrosis is severe then it can lead to permanent kidney damage.

Homeopathic Remedies for Hydronephrosis

Homeopathy plays a supportive role in managing cases of hydronephrosis and providing symptomatic relief. These medicines can be used along with conventional mode of treatment for reducing kidney swelling and its symptom management. These medicines also help in managing cases of urinary tract infections. Homeopathic medicine for cases of hydronephrosis should only be taken under supervision of a homeopathic physician who will guide the right medicine after case analysis. In severe cases one should take urgent help from conventional mode of treatment to prevent complications and kidney damage.

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  1. Sarothamnus – With Drawing Pain in Kidney

This is a natural medicine prepared from flowers of plant Sarothamnus Scoparius commonly known as Cystisus scoparius and scotch broom. This plant belongs to family leguminosae. It is indicated when there is drawing pain in the kidneys. With this there is increased urination. Frequency to urinate is high at night time.

  1. Apocynum – With Dull, Aching Pain in Kidney

This medicine has a marked action on urinary organs and offers great help in cases of hydronephrosis. In cases needing it there is dull aching pain in kidneys. Along with this there is a sensation of distended bladder. Next there is a passage of hot urine. Thick mucus may pass in urine. After urination burning in urethra is also felt.

  1. Apis Mellifica – For Pain with Urination

It is a well-indicated medicine when there is pain with urination. Burning, scalding, smarting, stinging sensation is felt during urination. Most burning is felt during last drops of urine. Urination is frequent day and night even every half hour. Urine passed is scanty. Sometimes blood passes in urine. Other than this there is pain in the kidney region. It worsens from stooping. Soreness on pressure and bruised sensation in the kidney region is also felt.

  1. Nitric Acid – For Frequent Urination

This medicine is helpful when there is frequent urination, particularly at night. Urine quantity is scanty. It may contain mucus, pus or blood and is very offensive. With this cutting pain in the abdomen may be there. Next indicating symptoms for using it is difficult urination, burning pain after urination. Lastly there may be cramp like contractive pain in the kidneys that radiates towards the bladder where this medicine is required.

  1. Arsenic Album – For Burning Pain while Urinating

Use of this medicine is considered when there is burning pain while urinating. Most time burning is felt in the beginning of urination. Urine is scanty and passes with difficulty. It may be turbid, have pus and blood in it. Stitches in the renal region may also attend.

  1. Phosphorus – For Frequent and Urgent Need to Urinate

This medicine is beneficial when there is frequent and urgent desire to pass urine. Urine passed is scanty, thick, turbid. Sometimes it may have brown colour with red sand like sediment and offensive smell. Dull pain in the kidney region can accompany above symptoms.

  1. Berberis Vulgaris – With Pain in Kidney Region

This medicine is prepared from the bark of the root of the plant barberry. This plant belongs to the family berberidaceae. It is indicated when there is pain in the kidney region. The pain can be pressing, shooting, tearing, tensive or bruising type. The pain can radiate to the bladder or thighs. This pain worsens from stooping, sitting, lying. It is better by standing. This is attended with frequent urging to urinate. The urine is pale yellow with gelatinous sediment, or mucous sediment and is warm. During urination burning in urethra is felt. After urinating there is a sensation as if some urine is not passed yet and there is a need to go for urination again.

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8. Argentum Met – For Frequent Urination

It is a significant medicine for managing cases of hydronephrosis. Persons who need it complain of frequent urination. They also have inflammation of bladder (cystitis) and urethra (urethritis).

9. Solidago – With Kidney Pain on Pressure

It is also an important medicine for managing urinary complaints. It is prepared from plant Solidago Virgaurea having the common name Golden – rod. This plant belongs to family compositae. This medicine is useful when there is pain in the kidneys on pressure. This pain may extend to the abdomen and bladder. Along with this there is difficult scanty urination. Urine may have thick sediment and a sour smell.

  1. Cantharis – To Manage Cystitis, UTI

It is a top most medicine for managing complaints of cystitis, urinary tract infections. Its use is considered when there is painful or burning urination. This may be present during, before or after urinating. Persons needing it also have a constant urge to pass urine but pass small quantities of urine.

  1. Terebinthina – For Painful Urination with Blood in Urine

Terebinthina is very useful when there is painful urination with blood in urine. There is marked tenesmus (ineffectual and painful straining at urine). The frequency to urinate is increased along with marked urgency. Urine passes with pain and in small quantities. Sometimes urine passes in drops with straining. There is a feeling of incomplete emptying of the bladder after urination. Burning, drawing pain in kidneys may occur with above symptoms.


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