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The mechanism of blinking tears that are secreted by the lacrimal glands in the eye to moisten the eyes and clear the mucus produced by eyes (throughout the day) helps remove debris or other irritants. But during sleep, there is no  blinking and any mucus or irritant like sand or dirt that may be present in the eye accumulates in the corner of the eyes. This is known as sleep in the eyes. Some sleep in the eyes upon waking is normal, but when eye discharge is excessive, yellow or green in colour, then it can be indicative of some health issue of the eye that needs to be diagnosed. Homeopathic remedies for eye discharge are recommended in cases of mild to moderate intensity and when no serious cause is linked with the discharge. homeopathic remedies for eye discharge

It can arise from various reasons. First, it can result from eye infections (bacterial, viral). Second, it can arise in case of allergies. Next it may be caused by conjunctivitis (inflammation of the conjunctiva which is a thin clear tissue that is present over the white portion of the eye and that lines the inside of the eyelid), also known as pink eye. It can be caused by allergies or an infection with virus or bacteria.
Other than these it can be found in case of blocked tear duct (The fluid produced by tear glands lubricates the eyes every time we blink. This fluid drains into ducts present in the eye corners close to the nose. In case these ducts are blocked then the fluid accumulates and may get infected leading to eye discharge). Next reason is eye injury or  foreign bodies in the eye like dirt, debris etc . It may also occur from wearing old or dirty contact lenses.

Dry eyes (When the eyes get dry, signals are sent to the brain to produce tears. In some of these cases the tears come that don’t have the same composition and nourishing value as compared to regular tears. These tears with excessive mucus can cause strings and excessive discharge from eyes) and blepharitis (means inflammation of the edges of the eyelid where eyelashes grow) are yet other reasons behind it. Apart from above it may be caused by corneal ulcer (an open sore that forms on the cornea – the thin clear layer over the iris) and fungal keratitis  (inflammation of the cornea resulting from infection by a fungal organism). Lastly it may occur in case of eye herpes (it is also known as ocular herpes and refers to an infection of the eye by herpes simplex virus – HSV). 

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The eye discharge can be thick / thin, transparent / opaque and vary in colour (yellow, white, green) depending on the cause behind it. Eye discharge can be accompanied by redness of the eyes, burning in eyes, itchy eyes, gritty sensation in eyes, blurring of vision, pain in the eye, sensitivity to light (photophobia), swelling of the eyelid and sticking of the eyelids together on waking up.

Homeopathic Remedies for Eye Discharge

Homeopathic medicines carry a good scope to manage cases of eye discharge.  These help in decreasing the discharge by working to treat the root cause behind it. Along with discharge these also help to manage its attending symptoms like redness of the eyes, burning in eyes, itchy eyes, gritty sensation in the eyes. These medicines are recommended in cases of mild to moderate intensity and when no serious cause is linked with it. But in cases where it is of severe intensity and linked with serious causes then it is advised to take urgent help from conventional mode of treatment. Some of the indications where emergency help is needed are persistent eye discharge, or when it is attended with  severe eye pain, visual changes like blurriness or is occurring from an eye injury. 

  1. Euphrasia – Top Grade Medicine

It is a natural medicine prepared from plant Euphrasia Officinalis also  known as  eye – bright. This plant belongs to family scrophulariaceae. It is a leading medicine for the cases of eye discharge. This medicine is effective when discharge is watery or yellow in colour. The discharge is acrid that causes burning and biting sensation in the eyes. Along with this there is itching in the eyes. A sensation of sand in the eyes may also be there. The conjunctiva may be inflamed. In some cases the eyelids are swollen along with burning sensation. Sometimes sensitivity to light accompanies above symptoms.  It is well indicated for cases of conjunctivitis and allergies.

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2. Argentum Nitricum – With Sticking of Eyelids in Morning

It is a well indicated medicine for eye discharge that causes sticking of eyelids in the morning. It is a great medicine for conjunctivitis where conjunctiva is very pink or red attended with profuse discharge of mucus and pus. The discharges are thick where it is required. In some cases the eyelid margins are inflamed with thick crusts on it.

  1. Pulsatilla – For Yellow Discharges

It is prepared from plant Pulsatilla Nigricans commonly named as wind flower and pasque flower. This plant belongs to family ranunculaceae. It is useful for cases where yellow discharge from the eyes is present. The discharge is thick and profuse. With this there is itching and burning in the eyes. Lids may be inflamed and sticky too. The eyes are intensely red and can be attended with great sensitivity to light. Sometimes a sensation of sand in between the eye and lid can be present.

  1. Natrum Mur – For Eye Discharge and Swollen Eyelids

It is a good medicine for cases where eye discharges are there along with swelling of the eyelids. The lids look dark, purplish. The discharges consist of mucus and pus. The white of the eyes are also red. Next a sensation of sand in the eyes may accompany the above especially in morning time. The eyelids are sticky in the morning. 

  1. Petroleum – For White Eye Discharge

This medicine is very valuable for cases of white coloured eye discharge. Persons needing it also feel pain in the eyes that can be pressing or stitching type. They also have burning, itching in the eyes. They may also have inflammation of the eyelids with redness and sometimes covered with scabs. The eyelids are also itchy with desire to rub it.

  1. Apis Mellifica – For Mucus Discharge with Burning, Stinging Sensation in Eyes

This is a very helpful medicine for eye discharge with burning and stinging sensation in the eyes.  Redness of eyes is marked with this. Next there is great sensitivity to light. A sensation of a foreign body in eyes may also be there. Lids may be greatly swollen with difficulty in opening them.

  1. Hepar Sulph – For Mucus Discharge from Eyes with Chronic Eye Inflammation

This is a significant medicine for mucus discharge from eyes with chronic eye inflammation. The discharge may also be pus-like. It is accompanied with sensitivity to light. Eyes are also sensitive to touch and air. Stitches in the eyes may be felt. Lastly there may be pressure in the eyes mainly when moving them.

  1. Merc Sol – For Thin Eye Discharges Consisting of Mucus and Pus 

This medicine works well in cases where the discharge from eyes consists of mucus and pus. Along with this eyelid swelling may be present. Next there may be heat and burning sensation in the eyes. Itching and pressure in eyes are yet other attending symptoms. Eyes are also red and may be accompanied with stitching pain in the eyes.

  1. Sulphur – To Manage Itching and Burning in Eyes

This medicine is beneficial for managing itching and burning in the  eyes along with eye discharge. The discharge for using it is thin and excoriating. This can be accompanied by a sensation of salt in the eyes. With this there can be photophobia. Sticking of the eyelids may also be there along with above symptoms. 

  1. Graphites – For Swollen, Red Conjunctiva with Pus-like Discharge

This medicine is prominently indicated for swollen, red conjunctiva accompanied with pus discharge from eyes. With this there is sticking of lids at night.  sensitivity to light may attend it. Pain of aching, burning or sticking nature may also be present. Other than these smarting and biting sensation in eyes can occur.

  1. Hydrastis – When There is Thick Mucus Discharge from Eyes

It is prepared from fresh root of plant Hydrastis canadensis also known as Golden Seal, Orange – root and Yellow Puccoon. It belongs to family ranunculaceae. It is effective to treat cases when there is thick mucus discharge from eyes. It is profuse and white in colour. Pain and burning in eyes occurs with this. 

  1. Allium Cepa – For Watery Eye Discharge

Its use is considered when there are watery eye discharges. The discharge may be accompanied with watery nasal discharges and sneezing. Burning, biting and smarting in the eyes may be there. Eyes are also red and itchy, sometimes sensitive to touch. Sensitivity to light can also be complained.  Swelling of the eyelids and around eyes may be present along with above symptoms.

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