13 Homeopathic Medicines for Atopic Keratoconjunctivitis 

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Atopic keratoconjunctivitis is a severe form of eye allergy resulting in chronic inflammation of conjunctiva of the eye. It can involve the cornea of the eye and inner lining of the lower eyelid also. It is usually seen in young people between the ages of late teens to early 20’s. Most people with this have associated complaints of some sort of allergy. Homeopathic Medicines for Atopic Keratoconjunctivitis work by moderating the overactive immune system bring symptomatic relief. 


It occurs from a condition known as atopy (it refers to a genetic condition in which the sufferer produces exaggerated immune response to otherwise harmless environmental substances called an allergen like dust, pollens etc).  

Persons with this have some sort of allergic condition or a family history of it. These include atopic dermatitis (a long term skin inflammation), allergic rhinitis ( a type of inflammation in the nose resulting from  overreaction of immune system  to allergens leading to runny nose, sneezing, stuffy nose, red, itchy, and watery eyes) or asthma (inflammatory disease of the airways of the lungs that result in episodes of wheezing, coughing, chest tightness and shortness of breath). There is an estimate that around 25 – 40% of patients suffering from atopic dermatitis also suffer from atopic keratoconjunctivitis. Allergy to pollen, pets and dust mites is also linked with it. Genetic predisposition, increased use of antibiotics, pollution exposure, tobacco smoke, climate factors are some of the risk factors linked with it.


It is an uncommon eye condition but if not treated in time it can have serious consequences like corneal ulceration and scarring, cataract, and even permanent visual impairment and blindness.


The signs and symptoms of this condition includes itchy eyes, redness of the eyes, tearing, mucus eye discharge often stringy in nature, burning sensation in the eyes, blurred vision and sensitivity to light (photophobia). Other than this the eyelids may be red, hard, swollen and skin around the eyes may be hyper pigmented and itchy. Dermatitis of the eyelids and the skin around the eyes may be present. The symptoms of this condition may worsen in the winters.

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Homeopathic Medicines for Atopic Keratoconjunctivitis

Homeopathy offers supportive help in managing signs and symptoms of this condition.  It effectively manages itchy eyes, redness of the eyes, tearing, mucus eye discharge, burning sensation in the eyes and sensitivity to light. It also helps to reduce redness, hardness and swelling of the eyelids. The use of these medicines is recommended in cases of mild to moderate intensity. But in cases of severe intensity and where complications are present it is advised to take help from conventional mode of treatment as homeopathy has limitations in treating such types of serious cases.

  1. Euphrasia – Leading Medicine

It is a natural medicine prepared from a plant Euphrasia Officinalis also known as  eye – bright. This plant belongs to family scrophulariaceae. It is prominently indicated for managing these cases. Persons needing it feel a frequent burning biting sensation in the eyes. It is attended with tearing from the eyes. Next they have sensitivity to light. Itching of the eyes is also complained about. The eyes are red with these symptoms. Sometimes a sensation of dust or sand in the eyes is felt. Next there can be mucous secretion from the eyes. Other than this the margins of the eyelids are red with great dryness in them. Burning, itching and swelling of margins of eyelids is also noted. This may be accompanied with profuse watery secretion from the eyes. Lastly, there may be fine eruptions around the eyes. Redness and puffiness around the eyes is another prominent symptom.

  1. Belladonna – With Marked Redness of the Eyes

This medicine is prepared from plant deadly nightshade. This plant belongs to family solanaceae. It offers a great benefit in cases in which there is marked redness of the eyes. Burning, smarting and itching in the eyes is also felt with this. The eyelids are also red, swollen, congested, puffy. Itching , soreness and burning of lids is there. Eyes are also sensitive to light. Next there is watering from the eyes which is hot. 

  1. Argentum Nitricum – With Profuse Eye Discharge

This medicine is well indicated for cases having profuse eye discharges. The white eyes are pink or red in colour with this. The eyelids are congested. Lids are also swollen. Along with this eyelid margin are thick and red. Lastly itching and burning, biting sensation in the eyes is felt. 

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  1. Apis Mellifica – To Manage Swelling and Redness around Eyes

This medicine works well in cases where a person has swelling and redness around the eyes. The eyelids are swollen, thickened with heat and sensitiveness to touch. Cold water application gives some relief.  Eyelids are inflamed with a smarting sensation in them. With this itching in and around the eyes and on the eyelids is felt. Sometimes the lids are sore and scabby. Next there is a burning and stinging sensation in the eyes. With this the eyes look bright red, chemosed. Other than this there is sensitivity to light. Profuse flow of tears from eyes is also noted. Along with above symptoms a foreign body sensation in the eyes is also felt.

  1. Merc Sol – For Burning Eye Discharge

This medicine offers help to manage burning eye discharges. The eyelids are red, thick swollen and sensitive to touch along with this. Itching in the eyes is yet another attending symptom.  Sensitivity to light is also there. Apart from above there is sensitiveness of the eyes to extreme heat or cold.

  1. Pulsatilla – In Cases Having Mucus Discharge from Eyes

It is a natural medicine prepared from a plant named Pulsatilla Nigricans commonly known as wind flower or pasque flower. This plant belongs to family ranunculaceae. Its use is considered when mucus discharges from the eyes are present. Next the eyes are red and eyelids are congested and swollen. Over sensitiveness to light is experienced with it. Burning and itching in eyes attends to it. The eyelids are also itchy along with a biting burning sensation. This is mostly felt in the evening. Draft of air helps to relieve this symptom.

  1. Natrum Mur – For Managing Sensitivity to Light

It is very useful to manage sensitivity to light in these cases. In cases needing it itching and burning in eyes is also present. Sensation of salt in the eyes can be felt. Tearing from eyes accompanies above symptoms. Lids may be swollen too. white mucous secretions from eyes may be present in some cases. Lastly, there can be a sensation of sand in eyes sometimes. It is most felt in the morning time.

  1. Sulphur – For Itchy Eyes

This medicine is prominent to manage itchy eyes. Burning sensation in the eyes is also marked with this. Profuse and excoriating tears is another complaint present. It worsens in the open air. Burning and smarting sensation in the eyelids is there along with the above symptoms. It is also attended with a flow of tears. Intolerance of light accompanies it. Dermatitis of eyelids can be present. Lids are red and swollen too. A sand like sensation occurs in the eyelids. Sometimes prickling is felt in the eyelids. With this there is desire to scratch and rub it. 

  1. Arsenic Album – For Burning in the Eyes

This medicine is very useful to manage burning sensation in the eyes. Persons who need it also complain of watering from the eyes which is hot. Another complaint they have is sensitivity to light. Swelling around the eyes is also there. Lastly they have redness, scaling or scabs on the eyelids.  

  1. Kali Bichrome – With Stringy Eye Discharge

Kali Bichrome is a highly valuable medicine for managing stringy discharges from eyes. The discharge is yellow coloured. In cases requiring it the other attending symptoms are itching and burning in the eyes. There is also sensitivity to light. Next there is redness in eyes along with heated sensation. Swelling of eyelids appears with this. Apart from above the eyelids are red, itchy, inflamed, tender and have a burning sensation in them.

  1. Calcarea Sulph – For Thick Yellow Eye Discharge

This medicine is beneficial for cases having yellow eye discharge. With this there is redness and itching in eyes. Additionally heat is also felt in the eyes. The eye inflammation worsens in evening and night time where this medicine is required.

  1. Rhus Tox – For Red, Itchy Lids

It is a significant medicine best recommended when there is redness and itching or the eyelids. Excessive burning sensation in eyes is also present. Next the eyelids are swollen. Prickling sensation in the eyelids occurs with this. In addition to this there is profuse flow of hot, scalding tears.

  1. Alumina – For Thick, Dry Eyelids

This medicine is indicated for managing cases with thick, dry eyelids. Burning and smarting sensation is experienced with this. Burning and dryness worsens in the evening time. Along with above symptoms pressure in eyes and sensitivity to light is present.

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