3 Ways to Set a Holiday Mood with Essential Oils

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3 Ways To Set A Holiday Mood With Essential Oils

Here are 3 ways to set a holiday mood with essential oils!
(Perfect for when guests come over.)

Essential oils tend to make a good impression on people. 

That’s why I like to include them on the “guest list” when I have people over for a holiday gathering.

Essential oils are great at cleaning and getting rid of germs, they can fill a room with warmth and comfort, they help everyone feel healthier . . . and they make my guests perk up their noses and say, “Ahhh, what is that great smell?” 

I think they should be invited to every party!

Here are 3 ways to freshen up your home and set a holiday mood with essential oils.

Set a Holiday Mood #1

Clean your kitchen with Peppermint!

Have you noticed the kitchen is a popular room for people to gather in? 

Why not fill the air with the fresh, bright aroma of Peppermint? 

This kitchen cleaner is made with pure Peppermint hydrosol and essential oil. It makes the entire room smell amazing, while getting rid of germs and leaving your surfaces sparkly clean. 

Peppermint Kitchen Cleaner

  • 1 oz (30 ml) 190 proof alcohol (such as Everclear)
  • 3 oz (90 ml) Peppermint hydrosol (Mentha × piperita)
  • 16 drops Peppermint essential oil (Mentha × piperita)

Make this blend in a 4 oz (120 ml) spray bottle.

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Combine the alcohol and essential oil in the bottle, and let the mixture sit for at least one hour.

Add the Peppermint hydrosol, then close the bottle, shake well, and clean your kitchen!

This all-purpose kitchen cleaner is great for surfaces that respond well to water. I like it for counters, glass surfaces, cabinets, and appliances. If you aren’t sure whether a surface in your kitchen will respond well to water, alcohol, or essential oils, you might want to test this in a small, out-of-sight area before using it all over.

If you don’t have the hydrosol, that’s okay—you can substitute water.

Set a Holiday Mood #2

Diffuse a spicy and citrusy blend

Simply running your diffuser for 15 or 20 minutes can be a wonderful way to set a holiday mood with essential oils!

It couldn’t be simpler—all you have to do is drop the oils into your diffuser, and run it before guests begin to arrive. 

This blend makes the room smell absolutely amazing! Just a single drop of Clove Bud essential oil goes such a long way, that I’m balancing it with 5 drops of Orange. In addition to its gorgeous, spicy, sparkling aroma, it helps reduce germs in the air.

Orange & Clove Diffuser Blend

  • 1 drop Clove Bud essential oil (Syzygium aromaticum/Eugenia caryophyllata)
  • 5 drops Sweet Orange essential oil (Citrus sinensis)

Orange Clove Diffuser Blend

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Set a Holiday Mood #3

Make an Evergreen Room Spray

I have to admit . . . I’m a little in love with essential oil room sprays.

If I don’t have a diffuser in a specific room of the house, using a room spray is a perfect way to set a holiday mood with essential oils.

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This is a fresh evergreen blend made with water and two conifer essential oils. Try leaving a bottle of this in your bathroom. Every time someone uses it, it’ll make the room smell like an evergreen forest, deodorizing the air and reducing airborne germs!

Ever Fresh Evergreen Room Spray

  • 1 oz (30 ml) water
  • 2 ml Solubol (dispersant)
  • 6 drops Balsam Fir essential oil (Abies balsamea)
  • 6 drops Siberian Fir essential oil (Abies sibirica)

To make this blend, combine the water and essential oils in a 1 oz (30 ml) glass spray bottle. 

Add the Solubol, shake well, then spray away!

Solubol helps to keep the essential oils dispersed through the water. There are no preservatives in this blend, so I recommend making a fresh bottle every week or so. 

Ever Fresh Evergreen Room Spray

I created these essential oil recipes not only for their festive scents…

. . . but also based on the science behind the oils.

We have a LOT of research on these oils that tells us they’re effective at reducing germs, helping us feel energized, and supporting immunity. 

As an essential oil educator, it’s important to me to share information and recipes based solidly in research.

If this is important to you too—and you’d like to learn more FREE ways to use essential oils safely and effectively for natural health—please join me for my free class, Introduction to Essential Oils. 

I’ll teach you how to use essential oils for natural cleaning, creating your own therapeutic body products, preventing colds and the flu, and more! You can start learning the moment you enroll. 

See you at Aromahead!

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Free Class: Introduction to Essential Oils


cupom com desconto - o melhor site de cupom de desconto cupomcomdesconto.com.br

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