4 Essential Oils for PMS and Cramps (and a great carrier for balance!)

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4 essential oils for PMS and cramps

How to Ease Pain and Restore Balance with Essential Oils for PMS and Cramps

If you could create the perfect blend of essential oils for PMS and cramps, what would it do for you?

We’d want it to soothe cramps and spasms, for sure! 

We’d also want to reduce swelling and bloating, to keep the energy moving throughout the body, and maybe offer some emotional uplift and balance. If you experience headaches around your cycle, you’d want some with that, too.

Let’s create a blend . . .

I’ll choose to work with hemp seed oil as the carrier for this. 

Hemp seed oil is from the species Cannabis sativa, but the carrier oil has no psychotropic properties. We do get some of the plant’s anti-inflammatory, pain-relieving aspects, though (which makes hemp seed oil great for joint pain blends, too).

And since hemp seed oil likes to oxidize when it’s exposed to light and heat, I’m going to use an amber glass bottle for this blend.

Now, let’s choose our essential oils for PMS and cramps . . .

The first oil I thought of for this blend was Grapefruit! It’s wonderful for relieving sensations of being swollen or bloated, can keep energy moving through the body, and contains the component “d-limonene” which makes it useful for pain relief.

Next up, Roman Chamomile! This is one of my favorite essential oils for PMS and cramps. (The floral oils in this blend also help to support our emotional well-being during times of stress. They’re known as “heart notes” for a reason!)

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I’ll also include some Cardamom for abdominal pain. Great for soothing sore muscles and spasms.

Geranium is always a great essential oil for balance. It’s good at reducing swelling (like Grapefruit), and helps the body to a place of overall stability. It’s also a great anti-inflammatory!

Excellent! Now we have 4 great essential oils for PMS and cramps. 

Here’s our blend . . .

“A Hemp Time of the Month!” Body Oil

  • 1 oz (30 ml) hemp seed oil (Cannabis sativa)
  • 8 drops Grapefruit essential oil (Citrus paradisi)
  • 4 drops Cardamom essential oil (Elettaria cardamomum)
  • 3 drops Roman Chamomile essential oil (Chamaemelum nobile)
  • 2 drops Geranium essential oil (Pelargonium × asperum)

Massage this oil into your belly, lower back, and abdomen before and during your period, until symptoms calm. 

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Store it in a cool, dark place. (Hemp seed oil likes to get special treatment!)

This blend can offer support for the days of the month when you’re uncomfortable. 

You can keep it with you to use as needed throughout the day. 

a hemp time of the month body oil

Make sure to get plenty of rest, eat nourishing food (and maybe a few treats, if you like!), and take a warm bath if you can. 

If you get a headache, try some of this blend on your neck and shoulders. One way these essential oils for PMS and cramps can help is by urging tense muscles to relax, which can ease feelings of pressure in your head.

The wonderful thing about our bodies is that they tend to tell us when it’s time to rest and restore. 

For those of us with period cycles, it can be a good time to just spend time with ourselves, checking in and making sure we’re getting what we need to show up as our best in life.

*A note about Grapefruit’s phototoxicity: Grapefruit is indeed a “phototoxic” essential oil. It causes reactions if we apply it to skin and then expose that skin to sunlight (or a tanning bed). 

BUT GOOD NEWS! Grapefruit is only phototoxic if we use more than 24 drops per 1 oz (30 ml) of carrier. For this blend, we’re only using 8 drops. Well within the “safe range” for our friend Grapefruit!

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