8 Beneficial, Natural Homeopathic Remedies for Angioedema

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Angioedema refers to edema or swelling underneath the skin that can become severe. It usually occurs from an allergic reaction. This swelling can appear with hives that’s why it is sometimes called giant hives. Hives also known as urticaria refers to itchy, elevated, red welts/wheals or bumps on the skin surface that occur mostly from an allergic reaction. Homeopathic Remedies for Angioedema are beneficial in all types of angioedema with symptoms having mild to moderate intensity.8 Beneficial, Natural Homeopathic Remedies for Angioedema 2

Angioedema is a harmless condition in most cases and gets well in a few days. However, in serious cases the tongue that can cause blockage of airways and difficulty in breathing that needs prompt medical help. Severe angioedema may be a part of a dangerous medical condition called anaphylaxis needing emergency treatment. Anaphylaxis is a severe allergic reaction in which there appears swelling of lips, tongue and throat that blocks airways and leads to breathing problems, rapid heartbeat, sudden drop of blood pressure, dizziness and sometimes fainting. Anaphylaxis is a severe life threatening condition that should be urgently treated with conventional treatment.


It most commonly arises from an allergic reaction and this type is known as allergic angioedema. The allergic reaction can occur from certain foods like eggs, peanuts, fish, shellfish and milk. This reaction can also occur from insect bites, pollen, animal dander, latex and poison ivy. The body detects a substance (like any of the above) as something dangerous. Following this there is release of histamine by the body that causes dilatation of the blood vessels and fluid leakage. In severe cases of allergic angioedema, anaphylaxis can occur with swelling of throat, difficulty in breathing and sudden drop in blood pressure. It is a medical emergency needing immediate medical help.

It can also arise from the use of certain medicines called drug – induced angioedema. Few medicines that can lead to it include aspirin, NSAID’s (non steroidal anti inflammatory drugs), penicillin, antibiotics and some of the medicines used to control high BP (blood pressure). 

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Thirdly, it may occur after an infection or with illnesses like SLE (It is an autoimmune disease in which the immune system attacks and damages healthy tissues of the body. It can affect skin, kidneys, blood vessels, lungs, heart, nervous system, muscles, bones, eyes). Another medical condition linked with it is leukaemia (cancer of blood cells). Other than this a medical condition lymphoma is associated with it. Lymphoma refers to a cancer beginning in lymphocytes which are cells of the immune system that help to fight with infection. In case of lymphoma these lymphocytes change and keep multiplying out of control.  

Rarely it can occur in people having a family history of it where it is called as hereditary angioedema. Here a person has inherited this condition from a parent through genetic transmission. In hereditary angioedema the body is unable to make a blood protein called C1 esterase inhibitor in the right amount that results in fluid movement from the blood into tissues resulting in swelling.

Other than this it can arise if a person has a weak immune system where it is called as acquired angioedema. 

Lastly, it can be idiopathic type where no cause is ruled out behind swelling. Some factors linked with it include stress, anxiety, intense exercise, exposure to heat and cold and minor infection.


Its main sign is swelling below the skin. The swelling can develop suddenly or gradually in a few hours. Sometimes it may be attended with swelling and welts on the surface of the skin (hives) that may be painful and itchy. Redness, warmth and pain can appear in the swollen area. The swelling mainly occurs on the face especially around the eyes, lips; around the mouth; hands, feet, arms, legs; tongue. In severe cases the swelling can spread to other body parts. The  swelling can also occur around the genitals and in intestines. Apart from above abdominal cramping, intense vomiting, redness irritation of eyes, diarrhoea (loose motion), weakness and dizziness can also occur. In some cases swelling appears in the throat with hoarseness, and difficulty in breathing. In case of swelling of the throat and tongue with difficult breathing, urgent medical help needs to be taken as it can be dangerous.

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Homeopathic Remedies for Angioedema

There is a great scope of treating angioedema in homeopathy. There are many natural homeopathic medicines that are very effective for reducing the swelling in these cases and treating hives. In case of allergic cases it brings great recovery by moderating the immune system which is causing allergic reaction. Homeopathic medicines are helpful to manage recent cases and long standing or recurrent cases. It is to be noted that homeopathic medicines can be safely taken as long as there is no swelling of throat, airways, tongue attended with difficulty breathing. In the severe cases where there is swelling of throat, airways, tongue that obstructs breathing immediate treatment with conventional mode is needed. Also homeopathy has a limitation in treating cases of anaphylaxis reaction where urgent help from conventional treatment is required without any delay.

  1. Apis Mellifica – Top Grade Medicine

Apis Mellifica is a leading medicine for cases of angioedema. Persons needing it have swelling over the face mainly eyelids, lips; mouth; and hands, feet. Redness and heat in the face is marked. In males swelling can also appear in testicles. In females the swelling can occur on labia. Burning stinging pains are complained in the area of swelling. Along with these symptoms there are hives with wheals on skin. The wheals are red with intense burning, stinging sensation. They are painful, tender and itchy. The itching mostly gets worse at night time. Apart from above symptoms there may be redness and itching in the eyes. Symptoms of angioedema occurring after bee sting are also well treated with this medicine. These symptoms include stinging, burning sharp prickling pain in skin and excessive swelling. 

  1. Urtica Urens – For Hives and Marked Swelling of Face, Hands, Feet

It is prepared from a plant called Stinging – nettle that belongs to the family Urticaceae. The fresh plant in flowers is used for preparing homeopathic medicine. It is well indicated for hives and marked swelling of face, hands, feet. In cases needing it the fingers and hands are much swollen with itching. Lumps and red spots on hands are present.  The face, hands and feet are swollen with stinging, burning and redness. The eyelids are intensely swollen and can be scarcely opened. In the case of hives raised red blotches are there on skin. This is attended with itching, burning and stinging. It also helps cases of hives from eating shellfish.

  1. Rhus Tox – For Hives with Oedema of Lids

It is a very beneficial medicine like above to medicines for cases where hives are present with oedema of eyelids. For using this medicine the hives usually occur from getting wet and in cold air. The hives have burning and itching in it. Affected skin appears tense and shining. The wheals are excessive mostly on hand and forearm. There is marked stitching pain in the eruption

  1. Arsenic Album – For Oedematous Swellings with Burning Pain

This medicine is prominently indicated when oedematous swellings are attended with burning pain. Along with this urticarial eruptions are present. These eruptions also have much burning in them. Marked  restlessness attends this. A general weakness may accompany the above symptoms. This medicine also helps to manage vomiting and loose stool in these cases. Urticaria from eating shellfish is also an indicating feature for using this medicine.

  1. Agaricus – For Swelling and Itching

It is the next important medicine for cases of angioedema. For using it the main symptoms are swelling, itching, redness, burning of skin. There appears circumscribed oedematous lesions. Itching is there that changes place on scratching.

  1. Hepar Sulph – For Angioedema and Recurring Urticaria

Hepar Sulph is a very useful medicine for cases of angioedema and long standing recurring urticaria. Swelling is mainly present on upper lip, hands and feet in cases requiring it. The wheals mainly appear on hands and fingers. Few general symptoms that are present include sticking, pricking on skin and sensitivity of skin to slightest touch. 

  1. Antipyrinum – Another Well Indicated Medicine For Angioedema

Antipyrinum is also a well indicated medicine for angioedema. People needing it also have urticaria. In them the urticaria appears and disappears suddenly. It may be attended with internal coldness. Most intense itching is present in the eruptions. For using it the eruptions are mostly present between the fingers.  

  1. Helleborus – For Sudden Swelling of Skin

This medicine is prepared from the root of a plant called Helleborus Niger commonly known as Black Hellebore and Christmas Rose. It belongs to family ranunculaceae. It is indicated when there occurs sudden swelling of skin. Edema occurs on the face along with redness. Edema also appears on legs.

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