9 Supportive Homeopathic Remedies for Lazy Eye 

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Lazy eye is medically known as amblyopia. In this condition the brain focuses more on one eye and does not fully acknowledge the images seen by the amblyopic eye usually due to poor vision in this eye. With passing time the brain begins to favour the healthy eye and starts to ignore signals from lazy eye. It results in decreased vision or if not treated in time even loss of vision in lazy eye. Homeopathic remedies for lazy eye offer supportive help along with conventional treatment.

It is a leading cause of decreased vision in one eye in children and younger adults. In this condition almost always one eye is affected but rarely vision in both eyes can be affected.Homeopathic remedies for lazy eye


It occurs due to developmental problems in the brain. In this condition the nerve pathways in areas of the brain responsible for processing sight do not function in a correctly needed manner. 

It is a neurological condition in which the nerve pathway connecting the eye to the brain is not working properly so the problem is in the brain and not in the eye, so lazy eye is a misleading term. In the early period of visual and brain development of a child usually between birth to 6 yrs any sort of interference occurs with focusing and getting clear vision in either eye predisposes towards a lazy eye. The interference makes a person start using one eye more than the other and the eye which is used less becomes weaker over time. 

The common cause behind it include constant strabismus or squint (A condition in which the eyes are not able to align properly with each other when looking at an object. So they look in different directions and not at the same object at the same time. It occurs from imbalance in the muscles that position the eyes and the eyes can cross in or turn out while looking at an object). 

Next cause is the difference in level of vision and or prescription between both the eyes. It could be from farsightedness (in this condition a person can see distant objects clearly but the nearby objects appear blurry), nearsightedness (in this condition a person can see near objects clearly but objects farther away appear blurry to him) or astigmatism (in this the lens of the eye or the cornea has an irregular curve that change the way light passes or refracts on retina causing distorted or blurry vision). This type is known as anisometropic amblyopia or refractive amblyopia. 

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Another cause is blockage of vision in one eye as from cataract (  opacification of the lens of the eye  which is normally clear), corneal ulcer / a scar, ptosis (drooping of the eyelid), injury to eye, eye surgery. 

Other causes include glaucoma (increased intraocular pressure which can cause vision problems and blindness), vitamin A deficiency. Premature birth, family history of lazy eye and developmental disabilities are some of the risk factors. 


It usually develops in childhood between birth to age of 7 yrs. Amblyopia mostly occurs in only one eye. In this condition there is inability to focus properly with one eye but the other eye is normal and can see clearly. The affected eye otherwise appears normal when looked at so it may not be detected by children and parents. It may not be diagnosed till it becomes severe or is only diagnosed during a routine eye test of the child. 

Some of its signs and symptoms include wandering of an eye inward or outward, squint, head tilting, blurred vision, double vision (diplopia), eyes appearing to not work together, and poor depth perception (problem in estimating distance and telling how near or far away something is).

Homeopathic Remedies for Lazy Eye 

Homeopathic medicines aim to halt its further progression and provide symptomatic relief to the person. Use of these medicines should be considered in early stages. There are chances of good improvement when the treatment is started at a young age soon after being diagnosed usually before the age of 7yrs. It is advisable to take these medicines along with conventional treatment to get best possible conjoined help from both these systems of treatment. This condition can lead to permanent blindness if not treated properly at a right time. So one must use any homeopathic medicine under the supervision and guidance of a homeopathic physician after proper case study and avoid self prescription.

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  1. Phosphorus – For Blurring or Dimming Vision 

It is a leading medicine for cases of lazy eye. It is highly useful to manage blurring or dimness of vision. Persons needing it may have nearsightedness that is gradually or rapidly increasing. They can see near objects but the distant objects appear blurred as if covered in a smoke.  It is one of the best medicines for managing the cases of glaucoma (with shooting eye pain, sparks or flickering before eyes). So in a case where glaucoma is linked with a lazy eye, use of this medicine can be considered. 

  1. Gelsemium – For Difficulty Following Movement of Objects 

It is the next prominent medicine for cases of lazy eye. This medicine is prepared from the bark of the root of plant Gelsemium Sempervirens commonly known as yellow jasmine. This plant belongs to family loganiaceae. Persons needing it have dimness of vision. Due to dim vision there is difficulty following movements of objects. There is also difficulty in reading and writing. They may also have double vision. Double vision is mainly present when looking sideways. Apart from these it is a very effective medicine for managing glaucoma, squint, astigmatism and drooping of eyelids (ptosis). So this medicine can also be used if any of these conditions is linked with lazy eye.

  1. Ruta – For Nearsightedness, Farsightedness, Astigmatism 

Homeopathic medicine Ruta is prepared from a plant named Ruta graveolens commonly known as Rue. The plant belongs to the family rutaceae. It is also a very beneficial medicine for managing cases of lazy eye. Its use is mainly recommended when lazy eye is associated with errors of refraction (nearsightedness, farsightedness, astigmatism). In cases requiring it weakness of vision, dullness of sight, obscured vision for distance are usually present. The vision dimness worsens from straining the eyes. With blurred vision pain in and over eyes can also be present.

  1. Natrum Mur – For Dimness of Sight and Double Vision 

It is another important medicine for cases of lazy eye. It is indicated when there is complaint of dimness of sight and double vision. In such cases there is sensation as if objects are covered with cloth. There appears pressure in the eyes when intently looking at anything. There is obscuration of sight mainly while walking, reading, writing. It is also a great medicine for ulcers of the cornea (with photophobia means sensitivity to light, much eye discharge, smarting, burning in eyes and sensation of sand in eyes). Next it is also an important medicine for cases of strabismus since childhood. 

  1. China – For Weakness of Vision for Distant Objects

This medicine is prepared from dried bark of plant Cinchona officinalis commonly known as Peruvian bark. It belongs to the family rubiaceae. It is indicated when there is marked weakness of vision for distant objects. In cases needing it only large objects could be distinguished at distance. There may be better vision in the morning. Other than this, there is also difficulty in reading where letters seem to run together. This medicine also covers ulceration of cornea.

  1. Ammoniacum – For Amblyopia Occurring from a Blow

This medicine is specifically indicated for traumatic amblyopia occurring from a blow. People needing it see smoke before them. They sometimes also see a black spot before eyes that worsens at night. They have dimness of sight especially at night and in morning. They feel objects look clearer in clear weather. They also feel fatigue in their eyes after reading.

  1. Drosera – For Difficulty in Reading 

This medicine is prepared from fresh plant named Drosera rotundifolia. Commonly known as round – leaved sundew. It belongs to the family  droseraceae. It is a useful medicine when a person has difficulty in reading and letters appear blurred and run together during reading. There is frequent vanishing of sight while reading. People experience farsightedness. There is a weakness of eyes when looking at small objects.

  1. Merc Sol – For Weak, Dim Vision 

This is yet another helpful medicine for lazy eye. It helps cases when there is weak, dim vision. There are also frequent episodes of temporary loss of vision. In some cases that require it there are  always dark spots or a sensation of cloud before the sight. Heated sensation and watering from eyes is a symptom that can attend to it.

  1. Stramonium – For Dimness of Vision 

This medicine is prepared from plant thorn apple that belongs to the family solanaceae. It is well indicated for dimness of vision especially in the morning time. Persons needing it feels as if  vision is cloudy or there is a fog before eyes. In the morning they tend to bump into objects as if they are in the dark. They also have problems while reading, at that time letters appear blurred and as if they are moving. Apart from above it is one of the best medicines for cases of strabismus (squint) so can be used in lazy eye cases with this complaint.

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