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Eye strain (also called asthenopia) is a common condition arising in some people from intense use of the eyes (like from using a computer for an extended period of time) that makes eyes tired. In this a group of symptoms occur that mainly includes eye pain, blurred vision, tired eyes and headache. The top-grade homeopathic medicines for eye strain are Ruta and Natrum Mur.

It can cause discomfort but is not usually serious and does not cause any permanent eye damage. It gets better after giving the eyes some rest. But sometimes it can point towards an eye condition linked with it that requires treatment.Effective Homeopathic Medicines for Eye Strain 


It tends to occur when there is tiredness of the eyes for any reason. This most of the time results from constant reading for an extended time period without any break in between; reading fine print; using computer, mobiles, tablets or watching television for a long time constantly; and  driving for long distances. Next reasons include remaining in either too dim or too bright an environment, trying to see in dark, dryness of eyes, exposure to bright light, uncorrected refractive error, stress and fatigue.

Among all the factors above, use of computers, mobiles, tablets for long periods of time remain the most common reason behind eye strain. The eye strain occurring from using these digital devices is referred to as computer vision syndrome. There is more eye strain when we use computer or mobile as compared to reading from a book. This is because when we use the computer or mobile eye blinking is decreased that causes dryness of the eyes. Next there are high chances in this case if we use these digital devices from wrong distance (too far or too close to eyes) ; from wrong angles required for eye focus; doesn’t maintain right poor posture when viewing a digital device and if the brightness is not properly adjusted.

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Its signs and symptoms include tiredness of the eyes, soreness of the eyes, itchy eyes, burning sensation in the eyes, dryness in the eyes or watering from the eyes.  Next symptoms are headache, blurring of  vision, double vision, sensitivity to light, difficulty in concentrating and difficulty in keeping the eyes open. Other symptoms are neck, shoulder and back pain.

Homeopathic Medicines for Eye Strain

Persons experiencing eye strain can benefit from homeopathic treatment. These medicines help in managing the symptoms of eye strain. The homeopathic medicines are of natural origin that bring relief in its symptoms like tiredness of eyes, soreness of eyes, itchy eyes, burning sensation in eyes, dryness in eyes, watering from eyes, headache, blurring of vision, sensitivity to light. The homeopathic medicine for a case of eye strain is selected individually from a huge list of medicines based on the symptom picture. Among the various homeopathic medicines for managing eye strain, Ruta and Natrum Mur tops the list.

  1. Ruta – Top Grade Medicine for Eye Pain from Eye Strain

Ruta is a leading medicine to manage cases of eye strain. It is a natural medicine prepared from plant Ruta Graveolens having the common name Garden Rue. This plant belongs to family rutaceae. Persons needing it feel straining of eyes after too much reading or doing some fine work. They feel pain in and over eyes after this. They also have blurring of vision. Heated sensation or burning and watering of the eyes may be present.  Another attending symptom is a feeling of pressure deep in the eyes. 

  1. Natrum Mur – For Headache from Eye Strain

It is a very effective medicine for managing headache arising from eye strain. It may be attended with sensitivity to light.  The headache worsens from eye movement and reading. Persons who need it also feel drawing pain and stiffness in the muscles of the eyes when moving them. The eyes give out while reading and writing.  They also have itching in the eyes. Next they may complain of smarting and burning sensation in the eyes. Watering from eyes is also there. 

  1. Onosmodium – For Eye Pain, Headache 

This medicine is prepared from plant Onosmodium Virginianum also known as False Gromwell. This plant belongs to family boraginaceae. It is the next very helpful medicine for managing cases of eye strain. It helps when there is aching, feeling of tension, stiffness, strained sensation in the eyes as occurring from reading small print. Next it is a very effective medicine for managing headache which is associated with eye strain. Mostly pain is felt in the back of the head along with soreness and stiffness where it is required.

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  1. Phosphorus – For Eye Pain and Blurred Vision

It is well indicated for cases presenting with eye pain and blurred vision from eye strain. The eye pain and blurring of vision arises after reading where this medicine is indicated. Sometimes there seem to be black spots before the eyes. The complaints get worse from looking at bright shining objects. With eye pain, stiffness may also be felt usually on moving the eyes. Sometimes a sensation of heat in the eyes is experienced along with above symptoms.

  1. Jaborandi – For Tiredness of Eyes and Burning in Eyes

This medicine is prepared from plant Pilocarpus pinnatifolius. This plant  belongs to family rutaceae. It works very well in cases of tiredness of the eyes and burning in the eyes from eye strain. There is tiredness of eyes from slightest use where this medicine is required. Along with this there occurs pain in the eyes from exerting vision in doing fine work. Apart from these headaches may appear upon using the eyes. With this smarting and pain is felt in the eyes.

  1. Gelsemium – For Sore, Aching Eyes

Homeopathic medicine Gelsemium is prepared from the bark of the root of plant Gelsemium Sempervirens having the common name yellow jasmine. The plant belongs to family loganiaceae. It is very useful to manage sore, aching eyes in these cases. Eyes feel sore especially when moving them. Along with this heaviness of eyes, bruised feeling in the eyes and double vision (diplopia) may occur. 

  1. Phosphoric Acid – For Headache and Pressive Pain in Eyes 

Phosphoric Acid is indicated when there is headache and pressive pain in the eyes. Sensitivity to light may also be there. Next there may be watering from the eyes. Another attending symptom is pressure in the eyes with a sensation as if eyeballs are too large. 

  1. Arnica – For Sore, Bruised Feeling in Eyes

This medicine is prepared from a plant named Arnica Montana having the common name Leopard’s – bane or fallkraut. This plant belongs to family compositae. This is very beneficial medicine for cases having sore, bruised feeling in the eyes. People needing it also feel tiredness in the eyes and watering from the eyes. They may also have dull pain over the eyes. Another complaint that they have is burning sensation in the eyes. Lastly they may have a sensation of great weight and heaviness in the eyes. 

  1. Belladonna – For Dryness and Eye Pain 

This medicine is prepared from plant deadly nightshade. This plant belongs to family solanaceae. It is valuable to manage dryness and pain in the eyes. Persons who require it complain of aching, pressing, stinging or burning pain in the eyes. The pain gets worse from exposure to light. A heated sensation in the eyes accompanies above symptoms. Itching and smarting sensation can also be experienced in the eyes.

  1. Spigelia – For Pain in and around the Eyes

This medicine is prepared from plant Spigelia anthelmia having the common name Pink – root. This plant belongs to family loganiaceae. It is valuable to manage pain in and around the eyes. The pain is aching, tensive, pressive, digging, boring type in cases needing it. The pain most times gets worse from turning the eyes. The pain may extend through the eyeball back into the head in some of the cases. Sometimes there is excessive watering from the eyes. Heat and burning sensation in the eyes may occur with above symptoms. 

  1. Pulsatilla – For Aching in Eyes after Using Them

It is a natural medicine prepared from plant Pulsatilla Nigricans also known as Pasque Flower and Wind flower. This plant belongs to family ranunculaceae. It is indicated when there is much aching sensation in the eyes after using them. Some other symptoms that can accompany it include pressing, tearing, burning pain in the eyes. Itching in eyes is yet another symptom that can arise in addition to above symptoms.

  1. Natrum Carb – For Managing Burning Pain in Eyes

This medicine is prominently indicated when there is burning pain in the eyes. This gets worse most times while reading and writing. Dryness in the eyes is felt with this. There may also be sensitivity to light. 

  1. Sulphur – For Itching in Eye and Pain

Use of this medicine is considered when there is itching in the eyes and pain in the eyes. On closing eyes flashes of light may be seen. Apart from this intense pain in head may be felt. 

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