Effective Homeopathic Medicines For Pica

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Pica is a disorder that refers to compulsive eating of non – food items or non – nutritive things by a person. For example, a person having pica may eat chalk, sand, ice, paper etc. Homeopathic medicines for Pica offer a natural solution for cravings and for mild to moderate cases of pica.


Pica can arise in cases of nutritional deficiencies like that of iron and zinc. Mostly it is associated with iron deficiency anaemia. In such cases may be the body is demanding non food items to fulfil the nutritional demands of the body due to deficient nutrients. Sometimes in case of children who eat dirt, sand and other non food items doesn’t indicate pica and may be it is just a child’s way of exploring his / her surroundings with senses. Next it can occur during pregnancy. Pica can also be seen in persons having some psychological condition. Few examples of these conditions include OCD – obsessive compulsive disorder (A psychological disorder in which a person has compulsions to repeatedly perform certain activities / behaviours or have repeated unwanted thoughts in mind) and schizophrenia (it is a serious psychological disorder characterised by abnormal interpretation of reality, hallucinations, delusions and disordered thinking). Persons with autism, intellectual disabilities and developmental disabilities are also at high risk of pica. Other than above it can be present in people belonging to certain nations where eating clay is common and is also acceptable. Also in people of some cultures eating certain non – food items is considered to have some healing properties so considered normal. Lastly people may eat non food items just because they like the taste and texture of them and enjoy and relish eating them.


The main symptom of pica is eating non food stuff and it is diagnosed when this habit persists for at least one month duration. People with pica tend to eat a variety of non food items. Some common ones are ice, clay, chalk, dirt, sand, soap, hair, coins, buttons, paper, paint, burnt matches, cigarette ashes and metal pieces. Some people with pica may eat their nose pickings, ear wax, wool, stones, wood, glass, paper clips, mucus, vomit, even their faeces or in some of the cases faeces of animals.

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In some cases pain in the stomach, blood in the stool, diarrhoea (loose stool) and constipation may arise. They may also have damaged teeth from eating indigestible things.


The nature of complications depends upon the type of thing eaten by the person. Eating certain things like ice doesn’t lead to any complication when the diet of a person is normal. But serious complications can occur in case a person eats other dangerous items like paint that may contain lead and cause lead poisoning. Some other complications of this condition include breaking of the teeth, choking, stomach ulcers, parasitic infections, blockage in intestines and injuries to the throat and GIT (gastrointestinal tract).

Homeopathic Medicines For Pica

Homeopathy offers a natural solution in cases of pica. The use of homeopathic medicines is recommended for some of the cravings (as given below) and for mild to moderate cases of pica in which no serious complication is present. Homeopathic medicines are selected individually for every case depending upon the type of craving and the attending symptoms that are present. These medicines work towards reducing the cravings for non food items gradually. They are helpful for people of all age groups. It is advised to take any homeopathic medicine for treating pica under supervision of a homeopathic physician after detailed case analysis. In serious cases with attending complications it is strictly advisable to take help from conventional mode of treatment.

  1. Calcarea Carb – Top Grade Medicine

It leads the chart of homeopathic medicines for treating cases of pica. Its use is mainly recommended for persons who tend to eat non food things like chalk, dirt, sand, slate and coal. Next there may be craving for eating pencils in them. Other than this desire for eating raw potatoes, flour and soap may be present where this medicine is required.

  1. Alumina – Another Prominent Medicine For Craving Of Indigestible Things

Alumina is next well indicated medicine for desire to eat indigestible things. Its use is considered for persons who crave to eat chalk, tea or coffee grounds, charcoal. Next it is used in cases where desire to eat white rags, or dry rice is there. In cases needing it constipation may be present. The constipation is severe and the stool may be hard or even if it is soft is passed with great straining. The stool may not be passed daily and the person has no desire for it until there is a large accumulation.

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  1. Nitric Acid – With Desire For Lime, Chalk, Earth

It is another beneficial medicine for cases where desire for lime, chalk, slate or earth is present. Along with these cravings there may be some gastric complaints. In such conditions there may be diarrhoea with little stool. The stool may be yellow or green and pass with a lot of gas. Blood or mucus may also pass in the stool.

  1. Cina – Another Important Medicine For Desire For Indigestible Things

This is a natural medicine prepared from plant Cina Maritima also known as Artemisia maritima. This plant belongs to family compositae. It is also very significant medicine for persons who crave indigestible things. Persons who need this medicine have pale faces with bluish appearance around the mouth and dark rings under the eyes. Twisting pain around the navel can also be complained about by them. Sometimes there are pinching, cramping pain in the abdomen. There is marked irritability in children who need this medicine. They are very cross and desire to be carried all the time.

  1. Silicea – For Desire To Eat Mud

This medicine is beneficial for persons who have a desire to eat mud. They have loss of appetite and they have aversion to eating cooked food. Constipation may be present with this. Here there is great difficulty in passing the stool. The stool when partly expelled from the anus recedes back in the rectum. When stool is passed it is followed by burning and smarting sensation at the anus. Additionally the abdomen may be hard, distended and bloated. A tendency of excessive sweating on head and feet may be present where this medicine is required.

  1. Tarentula Hispanica – For Desire Of Sand, Raw Food And Ashes

This medicine is indicated for cases where desire for eating sand, raw food and ashes is specifically present. Along with this there is loss of appetite with refusal to eat. Violent burning sensation in the abdomen may also attend. Sometimes there is sharp pain felt in the navel region.

  1. Cicuta – For Desire Of Charcoal Or Chalk

This medicine is prepared from fresh roots (gathered at flowering time) of plant Cicuta Virosa commonly known as Water Hemlock. This plant belongs to the family umbelliferae. It is valuable medicine for cases where a person craves and relishes eating charcoal and chalk. The sense to differentiate edible things from inedible ones is lost. Along with this there may be abdomen pain, distension and vomiting.

  1. Nux Vomica – When There Is Craving For Eating Chalk

This medicine is helpful when there is a desire to eat chalk. A prominent attending symptom to this is constipation with ineffectual urge to pass stool. Here a person has frequent urge for stool but passes only a small quantity of stool at a time. Soon after evacuating bowels the desire for stool is again felt. Along with this pain and sensation of weight in the abdomen is felt. This tends to get worse from eating. The stomach area is also sensitive to touch. Stomach bloating, nausea, vomiting with excessive retching are other attending symptoms.

  1. Veratrum Album – For Craving Of Ice

This medicine is prepared from the root stocks of plants known as White – flowered Veratrum or White Hellebore. It belongs to the family melanthaceae of the liliaceae. This medicine suits persons who have cravings specifically for eating ice. Additionally they may suffer from diarrhoea. In this condition they have frequent stool. Stool is watery greenish, profuse, gushing and mixed with flakes. Stool is offensive. It is accompanied with cold sweat on the forehead.

  1. Lac Felinum – For Desire To Eat Paper

This medicine is particularly useful when there is a desire to eat paper. Persons needing it may also complain of soreness and sensitiveness of stomach region. Heated sensation is also felt in the stomach by them. There is loss of appetite with these symptoms.

  1. Phosphorus – When There Is Desire For Ice And Dry Rice

This medicine is well indicated for persons who crave for ice and dry rice. Along with this they may complain of burning pain in the food pipe and stomach. Stomach may be inflamed in them. Diarrhoea may also be present in them. In this case the stool is watery, copious and attended with excessive weakness. The stool occurs soon after eating anything. Persons needing it may also be anaemic.

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