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Alopecia barbae is a form of alopecia areata which affects hair follicles of the beard. Alopecia areata is a condition in which hair falls out in small, coin – sized, round spots/ patches. Alopecia areata tends to affect the scalp though it can also affect areas like beard, eyebrows etc. Alopecia areata is among the most common forms of hair loss seen by dermatologists. When it affects the beard area, it is referred to as alopecia barbae. Alopecia areata is considered to be an autoimmune disease. In autoimmune disease the immune cells by mistake tend to attack and destroy the body’s healthy cells and tissues. In case of alopecia areata the immune cell attacks hair follicles. Homeopathic medicines for alopecia barbae help in a very natural way by moderating the immune system which is causing the damage to hair follicles. Homeopathic Medicines for Alopecia Barbae 


As described above alopecia barbae is autoimmune in origin in which the immune cells due to a misdirected response attack the hair follicles in the beard region. Misdirected responses of these cells lead to weakening of the roots of hair causing patchy hair loss. Immune cells are the cells that normally help to fight and exclude infectious agents like bacteria, virus, parasites etc. from the body. But in alopecia barbae these cells consider the hair to be something foreign and harmful for the body thus begins the destruction process as a part of self defence.
Genetics is also thought to play a role in causing alopecia barbae. So people having someone in the family having complaints of alopecia are at high risk to develop the same.

Other than this if a person himself or someone in his blood relation has asthma, allergies or some autoimmune disease (like lupus, psoriasis, thyroid disease, rheumatoid arthritis, type 1 diabetes) are at increased risk of alopecia barbae.

Apart from the above, stress either on psychological level or physical level is also associated with alopecia. Stress, anxiety , depression are linked with it. It can also get triggered with use of certain medicines. Next this condition can arise from hormonal imbalance.
Imbalance between testosterone, androgen and dihydrotestosterone hormones can cause hair loss from the beard. Increased production of a female hormone estrogen can also interrupt normal growth patterns.
Excessive intake of alcohol and smoking are also linked with this hair loss. Smoking mainly causes shrinking of blood vessels which reduces the flow of blood to face and can lead to hair loss from the beard area. Alopecia barbae mostly affects males between the age of 30 yrs and 40 yrs.

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Among all the hair follicles of beard each and every individual hair follicle goes through a growth phase, resting phase and falling phase which is independent of any other hair follicle. So when a hair follicle is in resting phase it eventually falls out which is normal. With time new hair grows in its place. It is absolutely normal to lose a few hair strands daily due to this natural cycle that each and every hair follicle follows. But if the hair is losing from beard in bunches and additionally new growth is not occurring then it may be an indication of alopecia barbae needing treatment.

Alopecia barbae begins as hair loss occurring in small circular patches. The hair present at the edges of these spots may be white. Touching the skin from where hair has come out usually feels smooth but in rare cases it can be rough too. These bald spots on skin may be inflamed, red along with irritation sometimes. Near to the bald patch exclamation mark hair can be present. These hairs are thick at the top and narrower or thin close to base or as they enter skin.

Initially hair loss in this begins in areas along the jawline. The hair loss can occur in the area around the cheek, mouth, chin or neck region. Itching, tingling, burning sensation and pain can appear on the particular area of beard before loss of hair occurs. There may be one or multiple patches of hair loss varying from case to case. The patches are small in beginning that enlarges with time and also the patches tend to overlap each other as time progresses. A person can also lose all hair from beard in this condition. The speed at which hair loss occurs varies from case to case. In some cases hair loss appears suddenly in a few days and while in others it can be seen to occur over a few weeks. In some cases the hair loss is limited to the beard area while in others hair loss can also be present on the scalp along with beard.

Homeopathic Medicines for Alopecia Barbae 

Homeopathy offers a very effective treatment for cases of alopecia barbae. these medicines firstly aim to halt the further increase in the size of bald spots already present and also the formation of any new patch of hair loss in the beard area. Next they help in regrowth of new hair in the bald patches in the beard. The homeopathic medicines being prepared from naturally occurring substances treat these cases in a very mild, gentle and safe way without any side effects. They also help in treating any associated hair loss occurring from scalp, moustache area and even eyebrows if present along with hair loss from beard. 

  1. Fluoric Acid – Top Grade Medicine for Hair Loss in Spots

Fluoric Acid is one of the leading homeopathic medicines for treating cases of hair loss that occurs in spots. In cases needing it the hair gets dry, breaks and falls out in spots. Tendency of hair to get mat at the end can be present where it is needed. It is well indicated for hair loss triggered specifically after typhoid fever

  1. Phosphorus – Excellent Remedy for Hair Loss in Patches

Phosphorus is another very effective medicine for cases where hair loss is appearing in well defined patches. For using it hair loss can be present on both the beard area and the scalp. Roots of hair can be dry and have turned gray in cases requiring it. In case of scalp the hair loss is copious and hair comes out in bunches. In these cases itching on the scalp is also prominent.

  1. Natrum Mur – For Abundant Hair Loss from Beard

This medicine is well indicated for males having complaints of abundant hair loss from the beard area.  The face in them may be oily and greasy. Itching eruptions especially on the chin can be present in them. Other than alopecia areata in beard its use is also recommended for excessive hair loss from beard area in case of barber’s itch (folliculitis means infection / inflammation of hair follicles that affects beard area of men.) Next it helps cases where hair fall is present from moustache and from scalp. Here hair fall mainly occurs from the forepart of head and sides of the head and scalp is very sensitive to touch. Lastly it is indicated for hair fall occurring from genital area in men.

  1. Calcarea Carb – For Hair Loss and Dry Hair

Use of this medicine is considered when the hair is dry and falls in spots. For using it hair loss is present in the beard, sides of head and top of the head. Pain at the root of hair may accompany it. Great sensitivity of the scalp and a cold sensation in the head can be present along with hair loss from the scalp.

  1. Phosphoric Acid – For Hair Loss that Follows after Grief 

This medicine is highly valuable for cases of hair loss from beard or scalp that occurs after some sort of grief and sorrow. In many cases hair is very thin and lustreless. It also helps when hair loss appears specifically after fever. Premature greying of hair can be another concern in people who need this medicine. 

  1. Kali Carb – For Hair Loss on Beard, Scalp and Eyebrows

This medicine is prominently indicated for hair loss from beard, scalp and even eyebrows. In cases needing it the hair is brittle and dry. In the case of the scalp it is used when hair falls mainly from the sides of the head along with burning and itching on the scalp.

  1. Graphites – For Hair Loss from Beard and Moustache Area

It is a useful medicine for males who complain of hair loss from beard and moustache area. Skin of the face is usually dry. They may have eruptions covered with scabs on the face. Other than above it is also indicated for smooth and shiny bald spots on the head.

  1. Aurum Mur – For Hair Fall from Beard and Scalp

Aurum Mur is a significant medicine to treat cases where hair fall is present from the beard area as well as scalp. Itching and tickling on the face may attend. Sometimes stitching pain is present in the face. In some cases additional hair fall may also be present from eyebrows.

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