Homeopathic Medicines for Amenorrhea – Missed Periods

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Amenorrhea refers to absence of menstrual periods in females who are of reproductive age means between puberty and menopause. The normal menstrual cycle begins in girls during puberty between the ages of 11 to 15 years. Then it occurs regularly once every month till menopause ( the age when the menstrual periods stop naturally usually around the age of 45 yrs). When women between puberty and menopause after getting a regular cycle suddenly do not get periods altogether for three months or more then they have amenorrhea. Homeopathic medicines for amenorrhea aim to regularise the menstrual cycle by correcting hormonal imbalances in a safe, natural way. 

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This is not a disease in itself and can arise from various reasons. It normally happens during pregnancy, breastfeeding. Other than these natural causes it can be a sign that can indicate some underlying health problem. 


Primary Amenorrhea

Menstruation cycle starts between the ages of 11 to 15 years. If the menstrual periods don’t start by the age of 16 yrs then it is primary amenorrhea and medical help should be seeked in such cases. 

The causes of primary amenorrhea includes congenital absence of uterus or fallopian tubes, some structural abnormality  in female reproductive system, vaginal atresia (in this vagina is abnormally closed or absent), imperforate hymen (normally vagina is surrounded by thin membrane called hymen with a small, opening in the center. In imperforate hymen, opening in this membrane is absent thereby blocking vaginal canal). Other reasons include Turner syndrome (In this women lacks some part or entire of one of the two X chromosome and ovaries are replaced by scar tissue and there is very less production of estrogen), androgen insensitivity, premature ovarian failure and problem of pituitary gland that secretes hormones required for menses.

Secondary Amenorrhea

When regular menstrual periods have started in women but afterwards some time in their life they miss their periods then it is considered a case of secondary amenorrhea. If they miss just one period then it is not a reason for concern. To be diagnosed with secondary amenorrhea a woman must have missed periods for at least three months or more when they usually have regular periods in the past. Other than this it is also diagnosed when a woman having irregular periods doesn’t  get a period for around six months.

PCOS (polycystic ovarian syndrome) is one of the main reasons behind it. Next reasons are use of certain oral contraceptives pills (birth control pills), certain types of IUD (intrauterine devices); stopping birth control pills also takes time to regularise menstrual cycle. Some medications including antipsychotics, antidepressants and some blood pressure control medicines can lead to amenorrhea. It can also arise from thyroid dysfunction. Other reasons include stress, depression , excessive weight loss or sudden weight gain, having eating disorders ( anorexia or bulimia), intense exercise, poor nutrition. Apart from above scarring /adhesions in uterus, tumours in ovaries and pituitary tumours and surgical removal of uterus or ovaries lead to this. A female may also be predisposed to have amenorrhea if she has a family history of the same. Sometimes Premature menopause causes it (normally menopause happens around age of 45 but in some females it happens before age of 40yrs with stoppage of menses)

Certain physiological causes (when periods naturally do not appear) include pregnancy, breastfeeding and menopause. 


Along with missed periods some other symptoms may accompany depending upon the cause behind it. These include pelvic pain, milky discharge from nipples, hair fall, facial hair (hirsutism), acne (pimples), headache and vision changes.

Homeopathic Medicines for Amenorrhea

Females having secondary amenorrhea can be highly benefited with homeopathic medicines. They help to bring periods that are suppressed by treating the root cause behind it.  Along with regularising the cycle they are effective to manage pelvic pain, milky discharge from nipples, hair fall, facial hair, acne (pimples) and headache that sometimes happens with missed periods. These medicines are of natural origin so are very safe to use without any side effects.

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  1. Pulsatilla – Top Grade Medicine for Missed Periods

It is a natural medicine prepared from plant Pulsatilla Nigricans commonly known as wind flower. This plant belongs to family ranunculaceae. It is a very effective medicine for bringing periods in cases of amenorrhea. It is well indicated in females who miss their periods often. They have a tendency to get periods always late. The menstrual flow is also scanty. The bleeding may be black, clotted or thin and watery. Due to suppressed periods headache can be there. In most cases needing it the periods are also painful even since puberty. With pain, chilliness, nausea and vomiting is also present. Females needing it may also complain of milky discharge from nipples along with amenorrhea. Acne from menstrual irregularities is another complaint that can accompany above symptoms. It is a very effective medicine to correct the hormonal imbalance and regularise the periods.  

  1. Sepia – Leading Medicine for Absent Menses

This medicine is also among the major medicines for treating cases of amenorrhea. Like Pulsatilla, it also corrects the hormonal imbalance to bring effective cures. Females who require it complain of missed periods for many months altogether. Sometimes they only get menses around three times a year. Their periods are usually scanty in the past. Before periods they get violent pain in the abdomen. Pimples also appear in them before periods. Sadness before menses is another complaint they get. Violent bearing down pain in pelvis is a characteristic symptom that frequently attends above symptoms. It is also indicated when a female has vaginal discharge in place of menses. Complaints of facial hair in females can also be present with these symptoms.

  1. Natrum Mur – For Amenorrhea and Hair Loss

Natrum Mur is a very beneficial medicine for cases of amenorrhea and hair loss. In cases needing it the menses are suppressed. They appear late and when they appear are quite profuse. Menstrual flow is  thin, watery, pale. In these cases headache before and after menses can be there. With these prominent hair loss is present. Apart from above this medicine also helps cases where menses are suppressed from grief. 

  1. Phosphorus – For Amenorrhea with Milky Discharge from Nipples

Phosphorus is a well indicated medicine for cases where periods are absent with milky discharge from nipples. Females needing it get periods very late but very profuse. They may also last for too long a duration. The menstrual bleeding is bright red. During periods they feel pain in the ovaries and also have severe backache. After periods they feel great weakness and also get smarting, burning vaginal discharges.

  1. Senecio Aureus – For Amenorrhea in Young Girls

This medicine is prepared for plant Golden ragwort that belongs to family compositae. It is a prominent medicine for treating amenorrhea in young girls. They feel as if menses would appear but fail. They usually have back pain or pain in shoulders along with suppressed periods.  

  1. Graphites – For Females having Tendency of Late and Scanty Menses 

This medicine is indicated when periods appear late and are scanty. It is attended with violent pain.  Menstrual blood in such cases is thick and dark, sometimes blackish. Sometimes gushing vaginal discharges can be present. When menses are suppressed, heaviness in arms and legs may be felt.

  1. Conium – For Amenorrhea with Tendency of Late and Short Periods

This medicine is helpful for females in whom periods are suppressed and who generally have a tendency of late periods and also that last for a short time. Periods are also scanty in them and sometimes blood is clotted also. Further they may have pain and swelling in the breast during periods. Another complaint that they explain is small red pimples on the body during periods. After periods they have itching in vagina.

  1. Oleum Jec – For Amenorrhea and Facial Hair (Hirsutism)

Oleum Jac is a very effective medicine to bring on the menses which are suppressed. It is also known to improve the menstrual blood flow. Additionally it works wonders in treating complaints of facial hair in women. Females who need it may also have soreness in ovaries. Also they may have complaints of painful periods.

  1. Ignatia – For Suppressed Menses from Grief

This medicine is prepared from plant Ignatia Amara also called St. Ignatius Bean that belongs to the family loganiaceae. It is a valuable medicine for cases where menses are suppressed from grief. In addition females requiring it are sad, depressed with frequent weeping spells. In such cases it helps to bring the menstrual flow which is suppressed. 

  1. Joanesia Asoca – For Suppressed and Scanty Menses

It is prepared from bark of an Indian tree Ashoka that belongs to the family caesalpinioideae. It is one of the medicines that is used since ancient times for treating menstrual troubles, amenorrhea and scanty periods. In homeopathy its use is considered for treating suppressed menses and irregular menses and scanty menses. Females who need it also suffer from headaches from suppressed menses. In case of scanty flow it is used when there is pain in lower abdomen, pain in head, back and thighs.

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