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Ascariasis refers to an infection of the small intestine caused by roundworm known as Ascaris lumbricoides. It is a very common infection caused by roundworm. This infection mostly occurs in children living in areas having poor sanitation facilities and who carry poor hygiene. Homeopathic medicines for ascariasis help in building immunity and prevent recurrent worm infestation. Homeopathic Medicines for Ascariasis


A person gets this infection from accidental ingestion of eggs of these worms. These  eggs are usually present in soil which is contaminated by human faeces having these worms. These can be present on the fruits and raw vegetables contaminated by soil having these eggs. The contamination of vegetables and fruits can happen when human faeces having this worm’s egg tend to enter the soil in fields due to poor sanitary facilities. If a person eats unwashed vegetables or fruit   carrying its eggs then they tend to get infected. He may also get infected from drinking water contaminated by these eggs. Children also tend to get infected if they put their hands in their mouth without proper washing, following playing in contaminated soil. 


Many  people having this infection have no symptoms. But in case of moderate to heavy infestation of this worm, complaints of intestine or lungs tend to appear. In heavy infestation cases serious symptoms and complications can also occur.

Symptoms that can arise from roundworm in lungs include cough, wheezing, shortness of breath, blood in mucus, discomfort in chest and fever.

In case of roundworm in intestines the symptoms that appear are abdominal pain, nausea, vomiting, loose stool (diarrhoea), sometimes blood in stool, loss of appetite, weight loss, malabsorption of nutrients leading to growth impairment, fatigue / tiredness, passage of a worm in stool or vomit and fever.


The complications don’t arise in mild cases. The complications can arise in cases of heavy worm infestation. The first complication includes decrease in appetite, impaired nutrition due to poor absorption of nutrients from digested food. This can affect growth of a child. Second complication that can arise is blockage or perforation of a part of the intestine. The blockage tends to appear from a mass of worms. Lastly, worms can block ducts of the liver or pancreas.

Homeopathic Medicines for Ascariasis

Homeopathy offers very effective treatment for ascariasis. These homeopathic medicines help in expulsion of worms and manage its symptoms effectively. They boost body’s self healing mechanism to fight with infection and aid natural recovery. These medicines help in managing its symptoms including abdominal pain, nausea, vomiting, loose stool (diarrhoea) and cough. Homeopathic medicines are very gentle and natural medicines hence are very suitable for treating many health concerns in children including worm infestation without any fear of side effects. It is to be noted that these medicines are helpful for mild to moderate cases of worms but they have its own limitations in managing severe cases having complications like blockage or perforation of a part of intestine and blocked ducts of liver or pancreas, in such cases help from conventional mode of treatment should be opted. 

  1. Cina – Top Grade Medicine

This medicine is prepared from unexpanded flowers – heads of several varieties of Artemisia maritima of Compositae family. Cina is a leading homeopathic medicine for complaints of ascariasis. Firstly it is helpful for cutting and pinching pain in the abdomen in these cases. It also helps twisting pain around the navel that worsens from pressure. With pain the abdomen is hard, distended, bloated. Secondly it is beneficial for diarrhoea (loose stool) with discharge of ascarides worm in stool.  Here the stool is watery, frequent and may have white mucus in it. Sometimes blood may pass with stool. The stool passes soon after eating or drinking. Next it is useful for managing cough in these cases. Lastly it is indicated when there is vomiting of mucus and ascarides worm passes in vomitus. The children needing this medicine may be very thin from impaired nutrition. Their faces look pale with dark rings around the eyes. They may have picking of nose or itching of anus. They may be very irritable, cross and obstinate in nature.

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  1. Spigelia – For Cases Having Abdomen Pain

This medicine is prepared from dried herb of plant Spigelia anthelmia, having the common name pink – root. This plant belongs to family loganiaceae. This medicine is prominently indicated for cases having abdomen pain. Symptoms include abdomen pain of pinching or cutting nature that is located in the umbilical region. This is usually attended with diarrhoea. There is frequent and urgent desire to pass stool.  Stool is liquid, thin or mushy and may have mucus in it. Itching or sensation of something creeping may be felt in the rectum and anus. Masses of worms pass from the anus. 

  1. Calcarea Carb – For Managing Diarrhoea (Loose Stool) with Worm

This medicine is mainly indicated to manage diarrhoea with worm infestation. The stool is watery, undigested and may be whitish, frothy. It is very offensive, mostly sour smelling. Sometimes stool is streaked with blood. The stool appears after eating. Ascarides worms passed with stool. Pressing, pinching pain in the abdomen accompanies loose stool. Along with above symptoms the abdomen is distended, hard, enlarged.

  1. Sabadilla – When Nausea is Present

It is prepared from seeds of the plant Sabadilla officinarum commonly known as cevadilla. It belongs to the family melanthiaceae of liliaceae. Its use is indicated for nausea in these cases. Sometimes vomiting appears with this. There is constant spitting of tasteless water. The worm may pass in vomitus where it is required. Other than these symptoms it is also considered for colicky pain in the abdomen. Burning, boring pain in the region of navel is present in cases requiring it. A sensation as if a ball is moving and turning through the abdomen frequently accompanies this. It also helps twisting, cutting knife-like pain in the abdomen. Abdomen is bloated with above complaints. With abdomen pain there is violent urging for stool. Before stool pinching around the navel and emission of gas is there. In many cases needing it worms are discharged in the stool.  

  1. Silicea – For Abdomen Colic from Worms

Silicea is another well indicated medicine to manage abdomen colic from worms. This may be relieved by warmth. The pains can be pinching type around the navel. There may also be a cutting type of pain from navel through to back. Excessive gas in the abdomen can be present too along with rumbling and distension of abdomen. It is very fetid, offensive. Children who require it may have a tendency to copious sour smelling sweat especially on the head. They often have pale faces and are thin.  They have hard, enlarged, distended abdomen. They have deficient nutrition due to poor assimilation of food (means poor digestion and absorption of nutrients from food by body.)

  1. Ipecac – For Vomiting in Such Cases

Ipecac is prepared from the dried root of plant Cephaelis ipecacuanha that belongs to the family rubiaceae. It is very valuable to manage vomiting in these cases. Persons who need it are weak. They have vomiting mostly in the morning time. This is attended with constant nausea. Tongue is usually clean with above symptoms. 

  1. Spongia – For Occasional Diarrhoea with Large Number of Worms

This medicine is beneficial for cases having occasional diarrhoea (loose stool) with a large number of worms. Here stool is watery, frequent. Itching, tingling and biting at anus may accompany discharge of worms. Another indication to use it is ascarides worms attended with cough.

  1. Merc Sol – Where Person Becomes Weak with Good Appetite

This medicine is suitable where a person becomes weak even after a good appetite. He may have abdomen pain. The pain is mostly boring, twisting, constricting  or pressing. This may be accompanied by loose stool. Ascarides worms pass in the stool. Sometimes there appears slimy bloody stool that relieves the colic pain. 

  1. Terebinthina – For Cough in Cases of Ascarides Worms

This is indicated for cough in these cases. The cough is dry hacking type where it is required. In some cases needing it the cough worsens after eating while in many it worsens on lying down. With cough the breath is foul.

  1. Magnesia Carb – For Cough at night in These Cases

This medicine works well for managing coughs that appear at night time. Usually it is a spasmodic cough that comes in fits. It appears as from tickling in the larynx. In the morning yellow mucus that often tastes  saltish may be expectorated.

  1. Dolichos  – For Loud, Ringing Cough

This medicine is prepared from plant Dolichos pruriens of family leguminosae. This medicine is useful for a loud, ringing type of cough in such cases. With cough there is easy expectoration. The cough usually worsens on lying down at night where it is needed. Sometimes wheezing and problems with breathing can be present.

  1. Baryta Mur – When Ascarides Worms Passes in Stool

This medicine is indicated where ascarides worms passed in the stool. Pain in the region of umbilicus is present in cases requiring it. Another symptom that is present is dry cough.  

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