Homeopathic Medicines for Geographic Tongue

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Geographic tongue is an inflammatory condition of tongue in which island-shaped patches appear on the tongue which give the tongue a geographic or map-like appearance. It is a harmless condition and doesn’t indicate any serious issue and does not cause any health problems. It is also not contagious hence it doesn’t spread from one person to another through direct contact. Homeopathic medicines for Geographic Tongue are highly effective, they help to reduce the size of present patches in such cases and also halt the further progression of this condition.

Normally small papillae (tiny raised projections) are present on the upper surface of the tongue that gives it a rough texture. These papilla increase the surface area of the tongue and also increase contact area  between the tongue  and food. Taste buds cover the surface papilla  which help in taste perception. These papillae are of four types (fungiform, filiform, foliate, and circumvallate) that vary in location and shape. While in case of geographic tongue the smooth, bald, red patches that appear are actually from absence of these papillae. These patches look like a map giving it the name-geographic tongue.


The exact cause behind it is not clearly known. However, some people are predisposed to develop it more than others. Persons who have a family history of this condition are at risk pointing towards links with genetics. People having certain diseases and conditions are at more risk to develop it. 

First among these is psoriasis (It is an auto-immune skin disease in which there occurs inflamed red patches on skin covered by silvery white scales on it. It is thought that geographic tongue is a type of oral form of psoriasis). 

Another medical condition linked with it is Lichen Planus (It is a long term inflammatory condition of the skin and mucous membranes of an autoimmune origin. On skin it presents as purplish, flat-topped papules with white, lacy lines. In the case of mucosal lichen planus white patches having lacy net-like patterns appear mostly though ulcers or red irregular patches can also develop. 

It is thought that geographic tongue may be a type of lichen planus (affecting tongue). Though psoriasis and lichen planus are linked with geographic tongue, more extensive research is required to know the exact link between them. It is also found that people having this condition may have an accompanying complaint of fissured tongue (a benign condition characterised by presence of deep grooves on the tongue). 

Other than these, deficiency of Vitamin B2 is linked with this. Lastly this condition may occur during pregnancy due to a lot of ongoing hormonal changes. It is to be noted that this condition is not associated with any infection or cancer. This condition can affect people of any age group but mostly it affects young adults. Women are more affected with this condition as compared to men. It can worsen during some sort of psychological stress.


In case of geographic tongue uneven, red island-shaped patchy lesions appear on the tongue. They can appear on the top or sides of the tongue. These patches are smooth due to loss of papillae. The red patches may have a white or light coloured border. These can vary in size from case to case and the shape is also variable. The size and shape can also vary among the same person at different times. The patches heal in one place followed by migration to another area of tongue in a few days or weeks. This is why it is also known as benign migratory glossitis.  

In many cases no symptoms appear and only the patchy lesions are present. While in some cases pain and burning sensation can be present in the lesions. These can also be sensitive to spicy or acidic foods, toothpaste, mouthwash or cigarette smoking. This condition can continue for months to years and clears on its own. This can then reappear some time later in life.

Homeopathic Medicines for Geographic Tongue

Homeopathic medicines are highly effective for geographic tongue cases. These medicines help to reduce the size of present patches in such cases and also halt the further progression of this condition. With its use the tendency to develop recurrent patches on tongue in these cases is gradually reduced. These medicines also help to provide relief from the pain, soreness, burning sensation felt in these patches. These medicines are safe to use among people of all age groups. The medicines are prepared from naturally occurring substances so they don’t have any side effects.

cupom com desconto - o melhor site de cupom de desconto cupomcomdesconto.com.br
  1. Merc Sol – Top Grade Medicine for Mapped Tongue

Merc Sol is a leading medicine for cases of mapped tongue. It is indicated when there are dark spots along with redness of tongue. Burning is also felt in these spots. Along with this pain is also there. The pain is worse from least contact with food. Tongue is moist along with profuse salivation. Offensiveness of saliva is marked with it. In many cases needing it the tongue is large, flabby with imprints of teeth. Tendency to fissures or ulcers on the tongue can be present in people requiring it.

  1. Natrum Mur – For Red Patches on Tongue with Dryness

This is the next well indicated medicine for mapped tongue. In cases needing it there are red patches on the tongue. The tongue is dry with this. A very peculiar sensation of hair on the tongue may be present. Mostly the front of the tongue is clean and the back of the tongue is coated. In some cases burning at the tip of the tongue is felt. Sores or ulcers can be present on the tongue along with above symptoms.

  1. Taraxacum -For Dark Red Spots on Tongue

This medicine is prepared from plant Taraxacum Officinale commonly known as dandelion. This plant belongs to family compositae. It is prominently indicated when there are dark red patches on the tongue. These spots are very sensitive and tender in cases needing it. Rest of the tongue is coated white. Along with this there may be bitter taste in the mouth. 

    4. Nitric Acid – For Mapped Tongue with Pain

This medicine is very beneficial for cases of mapped tongue with pain. For using it the pain can be sore, stinging, pricking or burning type. The tongue is also very sensitive even to touch of soft food. In most cases the tongue is dry and fissured. Additionally there may be ulcers on edges of the tongue. These ulcers have stinging pain in them.

  1. Lachesis – Mapped Tongue with Cracks at the Tip of Tongue

This medicine is considered in cases in which the patches are attended with cracks at the tip of the tongue. The top of the tongue is also red in these cases. Tongue may also be swollen and inflamed along with blisters on it. It may be dry in the centre. Along with the above symptoms there may be sour taste in the mouth.

  1. Terebinthina – For Bright Red Patches on Tongue

Terebinthina is a helpful medicine for these cases presenting with bright red patches here and there on the tongue. The tongue also appears smooth, shiny, glossy as from loss of the papilla. Tongue can also be dry sometimes. Burning specifically at the tip of the tongue is present with above features.

  1. Kali Mur – Mapped Tongue with Burning / Stinging Sensation

This medicine is useful when there is a burning, stinging sensation on the tongue. Tongue is coated thick white slimy fur like or grayish white  with red patches. Sometimes salty, sour or bitter taste in the mouth is felt along with above symptoms. 

  1. Ranunculus Sceleratus – with Rawness, Smarting or Burning Sensation 

This medicine is prepared from plants commonly known as Marsh buttercup and also Celery – leaved crowfoot. It belongs to family ranunculaceae. In cases needing it the tongue is mapped or peeled off in spots. These spots are raw accompanied with a smarting, burning sensation. The tongue is inflamed and sometimes the entire mouth is inflamed. In some cases where it is required only the sides of the tongue have island-like denuded spots while the rest of the tongue is thickly coated. 

  1. Physostigma – with Soreness on the Tip of Tongue

This medicine is prepared from beans of the plant physostigma venenosum also known as calabar bean, ordeal bean and esere. This plant belongs to family leguminosae. This medicine is considered when the tongue is mapped along with soreness on its tip. The tongue may feel burnt or scalded with this. In cases needing it excessive salivation is also there. The saliva is thick, leathery type. Bad taste in mouth is felt in addition to above symptoms.

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cupom com desconto - o melhor site de cupom de desconto cupomcomdesconto.com.br

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