Homeopathic Medicines for Rectal Pain

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Rectal pain refers to pain in the rectum or anus. Rectum is the lowest, final section of the large intestine in which faeces (solid waste that remains after food has been digested), are stored until it leaves the body through the anus. Anus is the opening at the end of the GIT (gastrointestinal tract) through which faeces leaves the body. It rarely indicates any serious cause. Homeopathic medicines for rectal pain help relieve burning, itching at anus and also control rectal bleeding in cases where it is present.Homeopathic Medicines for Rectal Pain


Pain in rectum and anus can arise from various reasons as follows: 

Piles (also known as hemorrhoids that are swollen veins in the anus and lower rectum), anal fissures (small cuts or tears in the thin tissue which lines the rectal opening), anal fistula (infected tract that develops between inner surface of anal canal and the peri anal skin), proctitis (inflammation of rectum), injury to the rectum or anus, anal intercourse, STD (sexually transmitted disease.) STDs can be transmitted from genitals to the rectum or directly during anal sex. Some of the STD’s involved include gonorrhea, syphilis, chlamydia. 

Muscle spasms in the rectal muscles (pain in the rectum from spasm of rectal muscles is known as proctalgia fugax), IBD (inflammatory bowel disease) refers to a group of inflammatory conditions of gastrointestinal tract. It includes ulcerative colitis and crohn’s disease. In ulcerative colitis, chronic inflammation and ulcers develop in the innermost lining of the large intestine and rectum. In Crohn’s disease, inflammation of the lining of any part of the digestive tract from mouth to anus can occur that spreads deeper into the affected tissues. These can also cause rectal pain. 

Perianal abscess is a collection of pus near the anus that can be very painful. It develops mostly due to blocked and infected anal gland.

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Solitary rectal ulcer syndrome (SRUS) is an uncommon condition in which ulcers form in the rectum. It is thought to arise from chronic constipation, hard stool and injury to rectum.

Fecal impaction is a condition in which dry, hardened mass of stool gets stuck in the rectum from chronic constipation.

Prolapse of rectum is a condition in which the rectum protrudes out of the anus.  


Rectal pain can be attended with various other symptoms. These include bleeding per rectum, itching at anus, burning / stinging at the anus, discharge from the rectum, loose stool and constipation. 

Homeopathic Remedies for Rectal Pain

Homeopathic medicines are very effective to manage rectal pain arising from various reasons. Prepared from naturally occurring substances these medicines relieve the rectal and anal pain by rectifying the root cause behind it to aid safe, natural recovery. 

  1. Nitric Acid – Top Grade Medicine 

Nitric Acid is a top listed medicine for relieving pain in rectum. It can be used for various kinds of pain including cutting, stitching, sharp, shooting, tearing, splinter like pain. The pain is worse during and after passing stool in cases needing this medicine. Soreness, rawness and itching of anus is also marked. Along with pain, blood or mucus may also pass in the stool. Sometimes undigested food particles appear in stool. Stool is very offensive or sour smelling. Stool is hard, scanty and passed with difficulty. Stool can be followed by great weakness. Pressure and weight in rectum are other symptoms that can appear with the above. Nitric Acid is well indicated to treat rectal pain that arise in case of anal fissures, piles, constipation, ulcers in rectum and inflamed rectum.

  1. Aloe – For Anal Pain with Burning 

Homeopathic medicine Aloe is prepared from leaves of plant Aloe Socotrina. This plant belongs to family liliaceae. Aloe is helpful for managing anal pain with burning. This is attended often with  sharp pains in rectum and anus. The anus is sore and tender. Washing with cold water relieves the anal pain. Usually loose stool is present with above symptoms. Sometimes they pass jelly like mucus in the stool. Persons requiring it may have piles that are protruding like a bunch or also may have inflamed rectum (proctitis) or rectal ulcers.

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  1. Ratanhia – To Relieve Pain of Anal Fissures

Homeopathic medicine Ratanhia is prepared from the root of a plant named Ratanhia Peruviana commonly known as Mapato. This plant belongs to family polygalaceae. It is a very beneficial medicine to relieve pain in rectum in case of anal fissures. For using Ratanhia this pain is mainly cutting, stitching in nature. The stool is hard and passes with straining where Ratanhia is required. Anus feels as if constricted intensely. Burning in anus is there that begins before stool and continues before several hours after stool. Anus is very sensitive to touch. 

  1. Aesculus – For Managing Pain in case of Piles

Homeopathic medicine Aesculus is prepared from a plant named Aesculus Hippocastanum commonly known by name of horse – chestnut. This plant belongs to the family sapindaceae. Aesculus is an excellent medicine to manage rectal pain in case of piles. It is used when the pain is burning, stinging, cutting type. The pain is present all the time while standing, sitting or lying. Along with this, persons needing Aesculus feel fullness in rectum as if it is full of small sticks. They also feel heat and constriction in the rectum. Anus also feel sore along with a burning sensation. They also have constipation with large, dry, hard stools which are passed with difficulty. The above symptoms may be accompanied with anal itching.

  1. Muriatic Acid – For Pain and Soreness from Piles

Muriatic Acid is another very useful medicine for treating pain from piles. Persons needing this medicine have piles which are blue, dark purple, swollen and extremely painful to touch. Pain is smarting, cutting, stitching type. Warm applications on anus gives them relief. Sometimes blood appears from rectum. They also complain of burning in the rectum. Intolerable itching is also felt in the anus with above complaints.

  1. Nux Vomica – For Relieving Pain and Constipation

Nux Vomica is a very helpful medicine to manage pain in rectum in cases of constipation. Persons needing it have constipation with dry, hard stool. They have frequent urging for stool but pass small quantities at a time. The stool is unsatisfactory. Sometimes the stool is streaked with blood. The pain in rectum is most times tearing or stinging in nature. The pain may be attended with burning, smarting sensation in anus. They may also have itching in the anus.

  1. Hamamelis – For Burning, Soreness of Anus with Bleeding 

This medicine is prepared from fresh bark of twigs and root of plant Witch-hazel which belongs to the family hamamelidaceae. It is top listed medicine for managing burning and soreness with rectal bleeding. It manages bleeding from rectum from piles, ulcers, inflammation in it. Most people needing it have dry, hard stool that can be coated with mucus. 

  1. Merc Sol – For Pain in Rectum with Bleeding

Merc Sol is a wonderful medicine to relieve pain in rectum attended with rectal bleeding. It is given when the stool is loose, frothy and can be green, yellow or brown coloured. With this there are severe pains in rectum anus while passing stool. The pain may extend to the back of the rectum. Burning and itching of anus also attend. Merc Sol is most beneficial when rectum is inflamed along with the above symptoms. 

  1. Paeonia – For Managing Pain, Burning and Itching at Anus

Homeopathic medicine Paeonia is prepared from the root of plant Paeonia Officinalis also known as Peony. This plant belongs to family ranunculaceae. This medicine is frequently considered in cases of pain in rectum with burning and itching at the anus. Its use is recommended in cases of anal fistula, piles, anal fissures, peri anal abscess and rectal ulcers. Persons needing it have unbearable pain in rectum during and after stool. They have burning and itching at the anus. Anus is also red and swollen.

  1. Silicea – For Ano-rectal Pain in case of Perianal Abscess and Anal Fistula

Silicea is a leading homeopathic medicine to manage ano rectal pain in cases of peri anal abscess and anal fistula. Along with managing pain it effectively controls the pus discharges in both these conditions. Persons who need it may have chronic constipation. They have very hard, unsatisfactory stools. It requires great straining effort to pass stool.  Many times the stool recedes back in rectum after being partially expelled from the anus. They feel burning sensation in anus after passing stool

  1. Alumen – For Rectal Pain During and After Stool with Constipation

It is a very beneficial medicine for rectal pain felt during and after stool with constipation. The pain lasts for too long after stool. Along with pain, itching may also be present at the anus that is worse in the evening time. The stool is very dry and hard and passes infrequently.  It may be large or pass in small pieces. Ulcers may be present in the rectum where it is indicated. 

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