Homeopathic Remedies for Aggression in Kids

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Some aggression and temper tantrums once in a while is normal in kids and is a normal part of a child’s development. They are learning many sorts of new skills during their growth and development phase and can easily become frustrated trying to learn so many things and may blow out aggressively on occasions. With the use of homeopathic remedies for aggression in kids, a gradual decrease in the intensity and frequency of aggressive episodes has been noted.

Kids are too young to learn how to control their impulse and have no understanding about which behaviour is right or wrong. A child in aggression may be disobedient, show temper tantrums, may get violent, hit or bite  others, use bad language and cause destruction of things. As they grow they eventually outgrow it. But frequent aggressive behaviour which causes interference in school, results in hitting or harming children / adults or causes destruction of things need to be addressed by a doctor to find out if it’s linked to some medical reason or not.  


Firstly there are certain environmental factors that influence a child and raises the risk of aggressive behaviour in a child. Stressful environment in family, living in environment where child abuse or spouse abuse occurs, where drugs / alcohol is used and socio – economic factors like poverty are some of the examples of these factors that put an impact on child’s mind and result in aggressive behaviours. In some cases children may mimic aggressive behaviour of some of the family members or sometimes what they see on TV and may get adapted to this habit from there. They can also learn such behaviour from environment like neighbourhood, peers, teachers. 

Next history of physical abuse, sexual abuse, being got bullied or intense punishment to children can mark the beginning of aggressive and violent behaviour in them. Emotional factors like neglect from family, being raised by a single parent, being left in the hand of a caretaker by parents may also trigger such behaviour in children.

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Some of the disorders in children can have aggression as one of its attending symptoms. First among them is ADHD which refers to attention deficit hyperactivity disorder characterized by hyperactivity, difficulty in concentration, inattentiveness and impulsiveness. Usually it begins at the age of 3 to 6 yrs and sometimes may tend to continue into adulthood.

Second is ODD that refers to oppositional defiant disorder. It is a behavioural disorder in which a child shows persistent patterns of anger, irritability and is argumentative, disobedient or shows vindictiveness towards authority figures.

Third is BPD means Bipolar Disorder which is a psychological disorder in which a child has extreme mood swings from feeling high (excitement / mania phase) to feeling low (depression phase). In the excitement phase, a child is happy, shows high energy levels, is very restless, talkative, sleepless, and has aggressive, impulsive  behaviour. The symptoms in the depressive phase include sadness, hopelessness, low energy levels, tiredness, loss of interest in daily activities, anxiety. 

Next is Asperger’s syndrome that is a neurological disorder characterized by difficulties in communication and social interaction; and repetitive behaviour.

Another is autism –  a neurodevelopmental disorder occurring in early childhood. In this a child has difficulty with social communication and interaction and shows restricted, repetitive behaviour, interests.

Last one is depression which is a psychological condition in which a person persistently feels excessively sad and has a low mood with no interest in doing any work.

Other than above factors genetics also play a role in causing aggressive behaviour in children. Family history of aggression, antisocial behaviour raises risk of aggressive behaviour in children. History of brain injury is also linked with aggression in kids.   

Apart from above some ongoing emotional conflict in mind, lots of stress in early life, anxiety, suppressed emotions in children, frustration, feeling of helplessness in some situations, inability to verbalize the feelings can sometimes explode in aggression and violence when it is too much for a child to handle.

cupom com desconto - o melhor site de cupom de desconto cupomcomdesconto.com.br

Homeopathic Remedies for Aggression in Kids

Complaint of aggression in kids can be effectively managed with homeopathic medicines. Before giving any medicine it is very important to differentiate if the behaviour is indicating a normal part of a child’s development or if some medical reason is linked with it that needs to be treated.
Mild aggressive episodes that occur as a part of child development can be managed by parents themselves by teaching following a polite and calm approach and avoiding yelling, hitting or punishing. But when the aggression is intense and frequent that is interfering in school, causing destruction of things and harm to others then it needs to be evaluated by a doctor to find the reason behind it and treat it timely to stop it from getting worse. In such cases homeopathic medicines can be of great help.
These medicines are selected individually for every case and work on the root cause behind it to manage this behaviour effectively.  
The symptoms of the child are the key to select the medicine that will suit him / her. The best thing about these medicines is that they are prepared from naturally occurring substances and don’t cause any side effects and hence are very safe to use among children.  

  1. Chamomilla – Top Listed Medicine

This medicine is prepared from plant Matricaria chamomilla. This plant belongs to family compositae. It is a leading medicine for managing aggression in kids. It is suitable for kids who are irritable, fretful, and get aggressive often easily. They remain cross and can be quarrelsome. In anger they speak loudly, insult others and are difficult to control. They are very cranky and difficult to please. They are much obstinate, demanding and desire many things which they refuse when given. They remain dissatisfied. They are averse to talking and cannot bear any one near them. Marked restlessness and anxiety is also present in them.

  1. Cina – For Aggressiveness with Striking, Biting Others

This medicine is prepared from plant Cina maritima. This plant belongs to family compositae. It is well indicated for children who are ill humoured, aggressive with a tendency to strike and bite others. This is attended with screaming. They are irritable and don’t wish to be touched. They are very sensitive and get offended very easily. Along with the above, they are very hyperactive.

  1. Belladonna – For Violent, Uncontrollable Anger

This medicine is prepared from plant deadly nightshade. This plant belongs to family solanaceae. Its use is indicated in cases of violent uncontrollable anger. Children needing it are furious, restless. They tend to bite, strike others. They may also spit on others. Sometimes they may tear things into pieces. 

  1. Nux Vomica – For Stubborn Nature with Aggression

Nux Vomica is beneficial for children who are stubborn, headstrong and are prone to get angry easily. They are very irritable, bad tempered, unhappy and get offended by a least harmless word. They can be violent and quarrelsome too. They are over sensitive to noise, smell, light. Apart from above, they are impatient.

  1. Staphisagria – For Violent Outburst of Anger

This medicine is prepared from seeds of plant Delphinium staphisagria also known as Stavesacre. This plant belongs to family ranunculaceae. It is indicated for violent outburst of anger. Child needing it is ill humoured, sad, irritable and have very sensitive nature. Feeling of being unloved, of being not good enough can be present with these symptoms. There can be a history of some punishment or physical or sexual abuse in children needing it.  

  1. Tuberculinum – For Fit of Violent Anger

Homeopathic medicine Tuberculinum is considered in cases where a tendency of fits of violent anger is there. The child may fight, argue and use foul language. He may be destructive and throws things on others. Child who requires it can be hyperactive and restless too along with above symptoms. 

  1. Sanicula – For Stubborn Child Prone to Anger and Throwing Themselves Backward

This medicine is highly suitable to children who are stubborn and prone to get angry with throwing themselves backward.They are very obstinate and headstrong. Crying and kicking is also seen among them. Their headstrong nature may alternate with laughter and playfulness. There is also restlessness among them and they wish to go from one place to another. 

  1. Proteus – For Kids Who THrow Things in Anger 

This medicine is indicated for anger with throwing things away. Children needing it may also roll on the floor when angry. They have outbursts of anger with destructiveness.They throw things present in their hands and also kick out means strike out with the foot. 

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cupom com desconto - o melhor site de cupom de desconto cupomcomdesconto.com.br

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