Homeopathic Remedies for Growing Pains

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Growing pains refers to pain in the child’s leg which is most times aching or throbbing in nature, and may sometimes also be felt in the arms. The exact reason behind growing pains is not known yet. Growth doesn’t hurt and bone growth is not painful normally. They are thought to arise from muscle tiredness from overuse of the muscles during day time. Homeopathic remedies for growing pains are very beneficial to relieve pain in the legs, thighs, calf muscles, hollow of knee, head and abdomen.Homeopathic Remedies for Growing Pains

Overuse of leg muscles mostly tend to arise in the children from excessive running, jumping or playing games which proves to be harsh on the child’s muscles. Lower pain threshold level in some children is also linked with bringing on these pains. Here a child having a lower pain threshold feels more pain than other children normally feel after a certain limit of physical activity. Weak bones in some of the children having growing pains than other children of the same age group is another factor linked with it. Very rarely it can be linked to psychological issues like stress but usually it is not a cause behind these pains. A diagnosis for growing pains is made after ruling out all other causes of leg pain in children like arthritis, infection, knock knees etc.


Aching throbbing pain in the legs is a major symptom of this condition. The pain can be felt in front of the thighs, shin / tibia bone (front of lower leg), the calf muscle (muscle on the back part of lower leg) or behind the knees. In case of the pain behind the knee there is no swelling or redness present in case of growing pains which if present may be an indication of juvenile idiopathic arthritis JIA (it is the common type of arthritis that affects children under the age of 16 yrs). 

Most times the pain appears in both sides of the leg in these cases. Sometimes these pains can be present in the arms too and in this case also both arms are affected at the same time. Rarely some children can feel the pain in their abdomen. Sometimes they may also complain of pain in the head along with legs and arms. In case of growing pains the pains mainly start in late afternoon, evening or at night time. They usually tend to disappear in morning time. The intensity of pain varies from child to child from mild to severe. Sometimes the pains in this condition are of highly intense nature that can even wake up the child from sleep. Though these pains can be quite intense, sometimes they don’t indicate any  serious issue and also don’t cause any sort of damage to the muscles or bones of the child. The pain in this condition comes and goes and is not constant. Sometimes it is felt only for a few minutes while at other times it lasts a few hours. The pain is not there everyday – there are days with pain and days without pain. But in severe cases a child can experience pain every day. These pains do not cause limping, fever and in these cases the leg is not swollen or sore to touch. If these symptoms are present then child must be checked to rule out other reasons like an infection or an injury

Affected Age Groups

The age group affected by it is between 3 yrs to 12 yrs and the age of onset of this condition lies between 2 yrs to 5 yrs. They are slightly more common in girls as compared to boys. Usually these pain resolves by puberty age. But sometimes these may continue till teenage and  even to adulthood.

Homeopathic Remedies for Growing Pains  

Homeopathic medicines are very safe and effective to manage a number of health problems in children. Growing pains is one such complaint in them where homeopathy gives highly promising results. Homeopathic medicines which are used to manage this condition in children are prepared from naturally occurring substances. So they are very mild and safe to use and manage the condition without any sort of side effects.

cupom com desconto - o melhor site de cupom de desconto cupomcomdesconto.com.br
  1. Calcarea Phos – Top Grade Homeopathic Medicine 

Calcarea Phos is a leading homeopathic medicine to manage growing pains. Children needing Calcarea Phos have aching in the legs. With this they also have restlessness in the legs. Legs also feel tired and weak. They may have pain in the thigh that extends down the leg especially on walking. Sometimes they feel intense pain in the hollow of the knee. Cramping pain in calf muscles is also felt by them. The limbs may feel cold along with pain. Pain in the arms is also complained about above in many children needing this medicine.

  1. Rhus Tox – When Pains Arise from Overuse of Muscles

Homeopathic medicine Rhus Tox is prepared from plant Rhus Toxicodendron. This plant belongs to family anacardiaceae. Rhus Tox is a very beneficial medicine to manage leg pain in children that follows over use of muscle. Overuse of muscles mainly arises in them from excessive running, jumping and excessive playing which put stress on their muscles. Rhus Tox is very useful to relieve the pain and also strengthen the leg muscles. Children who need it feel pain in their legs. They also feel pain in the calf muscles mostly when lying in the bed. Sometimes pain in arms is also complained about by them. All the pains get worse by rest. Walking may relieve the pains for a while. 

  1. Magnesium Phos – When Pain is Better by Pressure

Magnesium Phos is another very effective medicine for managing growing pains in children. It is used when children experience  pain in the thighs and legs. Sometimes the pain changes location and at one moment they have pain in legs, the next moment they feel pain in the thighs. They have worsening of pains most of the time at night hours. Applying pressure on the legs gives them relief. They also feel relief in the pain by warm applications. Apart from above they may sometimes have pain in the abdomen along with pain in legs. 

  1. Phosphoric Acid – To Manage Pain in Thighs and Arms

Phosphoric Acid effectively manages pain in the thighs and arms. The pain in thighs is worse when beginning to walk in cases needing this medicine. Going upstairs also worsens the pains. Weakness is also felt in the limbs along with pain. Sometimes burning sensation is felt in thighs especially when standing.

  1. Calcarea Carb – For Pains in Back of Leg in Calf Muscles 

Use of Calcarea Carb is considered in these cases when pain appears in calf muscles in the back of the leg. Most of the time cramps are felt in the calf muscles at night time where it is required. Sometimes hard knots are felt in the calf muscles. The calf muscles are also sore to touch. It is also indicated for managing pain in the hollow of the knee in case of growing pains. 

  1. Belladonna – When Headache Appears Along with Leg Pain

Belladonna is a natural homeopathic medicine prepared  from plant deadly nightshade. This plant belongs to family solanaceae. It is used in such cases when children complain of headache along with leg pain. They feel pain in legs, thighs and arms. The limb feels weak and heavy sometimes. In a few cases, pain in the abdomen is also present. 

  1. Silicea – When Legs Feel Cold Along with Pain

Silicea is mainly given in growing pains when legs feel icy cold along with pain. For using Silicea pain is felt in the entire lower limb. Legs feel tired. Sometimes pain is also felt in the arms along with legs. Sweating on the feet is noted in most cases needing Silicea.

  1. Guaiacum – For Thigh Pain

This medicine is prepared from Gum resin of the plant Guaiacum officinale also known by the name of Lignum sanctum that belongs to family zygophyllaceae. It works well in cases presenting with thigh pain. In most cases needing it the pain begins in the middle of the thigh and that can extend to the knee. The thigh pain can be relieved by sitting where it is required. Other than this its use is also done in case of tearing, drawing pain in the legs. 

  1. Agaricus – For Pain in front of Lower Leg in Shin Bone

This medicine is well indicated for pain in front of the lower leg in shin bone. Mostly pain is dull, tearing or drawing type in shin bones. This is most worse when sitting. Burning sensation in tibia can also be felt along with pain. It is also useful for managing violent pain in the bend of the knee. Other than this it is helpful for tearing, stitching pain in the back of lower legs in the calf muscles. Heaviness and burning sensation may also be felt in the calves along with pain.

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cupom com desconto - o melhor site de cupom de desconto cupomcomdesconto.com.br

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