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Paronychia is a skin infection around the nails at the point where the nail and skin meet. It can affect skin around fingernails or toenails. Iarises from a bacterial or fungal infection. This infection can occur suddenly and resolve in 2 -3 days (acute paronychia) or develop gradually and lasts for weeks (chronic paronychia). Homeopathic remedies for paronychia help reduce redness, swelling and pain, and are also effective for cases in which pus-filled eruptions have formed. homeopathic remedies for Paronychia


The main cause behind it is infection of skin around the nail. The infection can occur from bacteria or candida yeast. In some cases both these infectious agents together result in this infection. Mostly acute paronychia is caused by bacteria and the chronic paronychia by a yeast infection. The bacteria involved in it mainly includes staphylococcus aureus and streptococcus pyogenes. The bacteria tend to enter the area around the nail when there is some trauma, injury or damage to the skin in this area. The skin damage can occur from nail biting, picking or chewing the nails and a splinter. It can also get injured accidentally from some of the tools used for manicures. Cutting the nails very short also predispose towards this infection. People having hangnails or ingrown nails are also at risk of this infection. Hangnails refers to tiny skin which is torn and hanging loose around the nail either fingernail or toenail that carries a risk of getting infected. Ingrown nails is a very common and painful nail disease in which the corner of the nails mostly the toenail enters and grows into the skin.

Another risk factor is excessive exposure of hands to moisture (like in people who are working in water for long hours or who do repeated hand washing) and frequent contact of hands or feet with chemicals. This destroys the skin that surrounds the edges of the fingernail or toenail called cuticle. This favours an ideal environment for bacteria and yeast to multiply and cause infection.  People having diabetes and those with suppressed immune systems (drug induced) are also at risk of it.


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In these cases redness appears on the skin around the nail. Swelling, heat, pain and tenderness of the skin around the nail is also present. This area can also be itchy. In this affected area pus filled eruptions can develop. The nail may thicken, harden, get damaged and deformed along with change in the shape and colour. The nail texture can also change. In severe cases there may be separation of nail from the nail bed either partially or completely.

Homeopathic Remedies for Paronychia 

Homeopathic medicines offer a very effective treatment for cases of paronychia. These medicines boost the body’s self healing mechanism to fight with the infectious agent which is causing it and exclude it from the body. It ensures natural recovery in these cases. 

The cases where the nail has discoloured, damaged, deformed and grown out of shape can also be helped with them. Homeopathy carries a great scope to treat both acute as well as chronic cases of paronychia very safely and effectively. Firstly they help to resolve the acute infection and then they work to strengthen the immunity of a person which will gradually decrease the tendency to get repeated infection.

  1. Apis Mellifica – With Marked Redness, Swelling and Pain 

This medicine is prominent for cases where intense pain is present around the nail.  Redness and swelling is also marked around the nail .In cases needing it the pain can be burning, stinging or throbbing in nature. It is also very sensitive and tender to touch. The pain can sometimes extend from finger upwards to the arm. 

cupom com desconto - o melhor site de cupom de desconto cupomcomdesconto.com.br
  1. Hepar Sulph – When Pus Forms around Nail

Hepar Sulph works well in cases in which pus forms around the nail. In cases needing it beating or throbbing pain is present along with pus. The skin over affected area is inflamed, hot and swollen. Pus that exudes is offensive and can also  be blood stained.

  1. Nitric Acid – With Splinter-like Sensation around Nail

This medicine is indicated when there is a splinter-like sensation around the nail. Sometimes a sensation of a piece of glass is felt in the area around the nail. Additionally the nails are discoloured, yellow. The nails can be crumbling also. In many cases needing it ingrown toenails can be present.

  1. Silicea – For Cases with Pus-filled Eruptions and Yellow, Damaged Nails

Silicea is very effective for cases where pus filled eruptions are present and nails are yellow, damaged. In cases where this medicine is required thin watery pus may discharge from eruptions or brownish pus may flow out. The pus smells bad. Lancinating pains can be present in the eruptions. Along with this nail are yellow, brittle. The nails are also rough, crippled. Hang – nails or ingrown nails can be present too.

  1. Myrsitica – To Hasten the Recovery where Pus has Formed

This medicine is prepared from plant Myristica sebifera. That plant belongs to the family myristicaceae. It is a great medicine for cases where pus has formed around the nails. In such cases it helps to speed up the recovery and resolve the infection in a short time. People who need it have pus collected around their nails. They also have pain and swelling in this region. Pain in finger nails is also there.  

  1. Ledum Pal – When it Occurs from Splinter or Some External Injury

This medicine is prepared from plant Ledum Palustre having the common name wild rosemary and marsh cistus. This plant belongs to family ericaceae. It is well indicated when paronychia occurs from splinters or it follows some external injury around the nail or a puncture wound like with a prick from a needle. It is often useful in the first stage after injury. Relief may be there by cold application around the nail where it is required.

  1. Dioscorea – In Early Stage with Pain

This medicine is prepared from the fresh roots of plant Dioscorea Villosa. Commonly known as Wild yam. This plant belongs to the family  dioscoreaceae. This medicine is useful for early stage pain. For using it the pain is sharp, pricking type. Along with this nails can be brittle too.

  1. Natrum Sulph – When Blister Filled with Water Appears

Natrum Sulph is beneficial medicine when water filled blisters form on skin near the nail. It is red and very painful. Swelling around it is quite marked. Pus formation may also be present around the root of the nail. 

  1. Sulphur – With Stitching and Throbbing Pain

This medicine is valuable for cases having stitching and throbbing pain in the skin area surrounding the nail. The throbbing worsens at might. This affected skin area is also swollen. In some cases requiring it pus forms around the nail. It is also indicated when pus gets under the nail and the nail comes out. When a new nail forms it is yellow, thick and out of shape. The nail is painful to touch.

  1. Natrum Mur – When it Arises from Hangnails

Natrum Mur is prominently indicated for cases where paronychia arise from hangnails. In these cases the skin around nails is dry, cracked and torn. In many cases needing it blisters with watery fluid can also be present.

  1. Lachesis – With Bluish Swelling and Stinging Pains

This is a significant medicine to help cases presenting with bluish swelling around the nail. Intense stinging pains are present with this. Pricking pains and tingling are also there with the above symptoms.

  1. Bufo Rana – With Black Blue Swelling around Nail

This medicine is indicated when there is black blue swelling around the nail, especially the thumb. In most cases requiring it the pain runs up to the arm. Pus formation usually occurs around the nails where it is required.

  1. Antimonium Crudum – When Nails are Discoloured and Deformed

This medicine is considered for cases where nails are discoloured and deformed. They grow out of shape. Pain under the nails can be present in such cases.

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