Homeopathy for sarcoidosis – Supportive, Symptomatic Treatment

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Sarcoidosis is a disease in which tiny clumps of inflammatory cells (granulomas) grow in various organs of the body (most commonly the lungs and lymph nodes) causing its inflammation. Other parts affected include eyes, skin, heart, liver, brain, kidneys, bones, muscles, joints and spleen. Homeopathy for sarcoidosis should be considered only for supportive treatment, with conventional treatment being necessary for recovery or to reduce the severity of the symptoms. Homeopathy for sarcoidosis


The exact cause of sarcoidosis is yet unknown. But it is thought to be arising from an autoimmune response. In this case the body’s immune system from a misdirected response to certain substances starts to destroy the body’s healthy tissue. But what triggers this response is not clear. As per few researches, bacteria, viruses, dust, chemicals or the body’s own proteins could be the trigger factor. The factors could make the immune system react abnormally that result in collection of immune cells in a pattern of inflammation called granulomas in various organs in persons predisposed to it genetically. The function of the organ in which the granulomas form gets affected. 

Any person can develop it but a person having a family history of sarcoidosis is at more risk of developing it. The chances of its development are little more in women as compared to men. The symptoms mostly appear in people between the ages of 20 and 60 years of age. 


In many cases no signs and symptoms arise. When these occur they depend on which organ is affected by it. In some cases the symptoms develop gradually and remain for many years. While in other cases the symptoms arise all of sudden and also get well quickly.

The general symptoms include fatigue, weight loss, swollen painful joints and swollen lymph nodes. When lungs are affected then the symptoms that arise include dry cough, chest pain, wheezing and shortness of breath. When it affects eyes then the signs and symptoms that may appear include pain in eye, blurring of vision, redness of eyes, dry eyes, itchy eyes, burning in eyes and sensitivity to light. In case of skin involvement there occur skin rash with bumps on skin mainly having red or reddish-purple colour mostly on the ankles or shin bone. These are warm and tender to touch. Other signs include dark or light coloured skin than usual, nodules under skin usually around scar tissue, sores on  nose, cheeks and ears. Next the symptoms from heart involvement includes chest pain, shortness of breath, palpitations, irregular heartbeat, fainting and edema .

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Many long term complications can arise in these cases. Firstly, it is related to lungs where it can cause fibrosis which means permanent scarring that makes breathing difficult. In these cases it may also lead to pulmonary hypertension. Secondly in case of eyes it can cause cataract (clouding of lens of the eye) and damage to the retina leading to blindness. 

Next when it affects the heart it may cause disruption of blood flow and abnormal heartbeat.  Other than this in case of involvement of kidneys it may cause kidney stones, hinder kidney function and can lead to kidney failure. Lastly when it affects the nervous system it may lead to paralysis of facial muscles.

Homeopathy for Sarcoidosis

Homeopathy offers a supportive help to manage symptoms of sarcoidosis along with conventional mode of treatment. Homeopathic medicine has a great scope to provide symptomatic relief in these cases. These medicines work by moderating the overactive immune system. Though these medicines can’t reverse the damage already occurred to the organs but can work to halt its further progression. They are effective to manage mild to moderate symptoms related to lungs, skin, joints, eyes, fatigue. The homeopathic medicines are selected based on the individual’s symptoms after thorough case analysis. So one must consider taking any homeopathic medicine under the guidance of a homeopathic physician. The homeopathic medicines are most helpful for mild to moderate cases but in severe cases one must take help from conventional mode of treatment. Some of the serious symptoms that need immediate help from conventional mode of treatment include intense difficult breathing, palpitations of heart, vision changes and facial numbness.

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  1. Bryonia Alba – For Dry Cough, Chest Pain

It is a natural medicine prepared from the root of the plant Bryonia Alba having commonly known as white bryony and wild hops. This plant belongs to the family cucurbitaceae. It is a very medicine for managing dry cough and chest pain. To use this medicine the pain in chest pain is a sharp, stitching  type. Most times the pain gets worse from coughing and deep breathing. Cough is mainly dry, hard, hacking in nature. It gets worse mostly after eating and drinking. Sometimes vomiting occurs with a cough.  In some cases  brick / rust coloured sputum  is expectorated with cough. Other than coughing it also helps to manage joint pains and swelling. In this case the joint pains are worse from motion and better from rest in cases needing it.

  1. Arsenic Album – To Manage Cough and Breathing Difficulty

It is a significant medicine to manage cough accompanied with breathing difficulty. Cough is short and dry for using this medicine. The shortness of breath is there which gets worse at night time. Along with this wheezing from the chest is prominently present. Sensation of contraction or tightness of chest is also there. Soreness in the chest can also be felt while coughing. An important symptom that occurs along with above is marked anxiety and restlessness.

  1. Spongia – To Manage Dry Cough

Spongia is also a great medicine to manage dry cough. Persons who need it have dry, rough, short and irritating coughs. They feel extreme dryness in all the air passages. The cough gets worse mostly during night time. It may be better by taking warm drinks. Along with cough there may be difficulty in breathing and suffocation. Another attending symptom is burning sensation in the chest. Sometimes they also complain of whistling in the chest and pain in the chest on coughing.

  1. Drosera – For Managing Dry, Irritative Cough

This medicine is prepared from plant Drosera Rotundifolia commonly known as round leaved sundew. It belongs to the family droseraceae. It is a suitable medicine to manage dry, deep, irritative cough. In cases needing it there occur frequent spell attacks of cough that follow each other rapidly. In some cases vomiting occurs with a cough. The cough may get worse from talking and during night time on lying down. Sometimes breathing difficulty is present with the above symptoms.

  1. Arsenic Album – To Manage Fatigue

Other than cough and shortness of breath, It is a top listed medicine to manage fatigue. People needing it get tired, fatigued even from little exertion. They wish to lie down due to weakness. They suddenly feel weak Anxiety and restlessness may be present. In some cases needing it there is weakness at night time. There can also be weight loss along with above symptoms

  1. Kali Phos – For Managing Weakness

Kali Phos is another well indicated medicine for managing weakness in these cases. Persons requiring it feel weak and tired. They feel fatigue for slightest causes. The weakness is present on both mental and physical spheres. This medicine helps to boost energy levels in these cases. 

  1. Rhus Tox – For Swollen Painful Joints 

Rhus Tox is a very effective medicine to manage joint complaints. It is very useful to manage joint pain. It also offers help to reduce swelling of the joint and relieve stiffness of joints. Most people needing it complain of worsening joint complaints at rest. They feel relief from motion. They also feel better from warm applications.

  1. Belladonna – For Redness and Pain of Eyes

This medicine is prepared from plant deadly nightshade. This plant belongs to family solanaceae. It is a well-indicated medicine for managing redness and pain in eyes. The eyes are red, congested in cases that require it. Along with this eye pain is marked. The nature of pain to use this medicine can be aching, shooting, burning type. This most times gets worse from light exposure and movement. Dryness in eyes can be marked along with above symptoms. A sensation as if there is sand in eyes may also be felt. Lastly sensitivity to light can be there in addition to above. 

  1. Euphrasia – For Itchy, Burning Eyes

It is prepared from plant Euphrasia Officinalis having commonly named Eye – bright. This plant belongs to family scrophulariaceae. It works well in cases of itchy and burning eyes. Persons who need it may also have eye pain in their eyes. They usually have stitching, smarting, cutting, biting pain in the eye. The eye pain gets mostly worse at night time. Eyes are red with this. A feeling of dust or sand in the eyes attend above.

  1. Apis Mellifica – For Managing Skin Rash

It is a prominent medicine for managing skin rash. Most persons requiring it complain of burning, stinging pain in the rash. They also have itching in the rash. They may have worsened itching from warmth. The skin rash may be sensitive to touch.

  1. Graphites – For Dry, Rough, Skin Rash

It is well-indicated for managing dry, rough skin rash. This may be attended with itching that gets worse at night time. Other than this it is also indicated for nodules under the skin.

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cupom com desconto - o melhor site de cupom de desconto cupomcomdesconto.com.br

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